Expert Says Felicity Huffman Should Be On The Lookout For Those Wanting To Hookup With Her In Prison

Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman's time of waiting and wondering about what her fate will be is now over. The actress was sentenced on Friday for her role in the ongoing college admissions scandal. She will have to spend 14 days in prison, pay a $30,000 fine, do community service work, and spend a year on probation. This is a far lighter sentence than the prosecution wanted, but it will still be far from easy for the star, who is used to a lavish lifestyle, to spend time behind bars. Michael Frantz, a former federal inmate, now does counseling for those who are about to enter prison. He has a few survival tips for Huffman, according to Page Six.

Huffman will be turning herself in to the Federal Correctional Institution Dublin in Northern California on October 25. Despite the fact that this particular prison has a reputation for being a lot softer than others, the star will still be thrown into an environment that will be much different than anything she's ever experienced before. Frantz offers a few tips to Huffman about staying safe and avoiding trouble. Because of her reputation and fame, there is a chance that some inmates may try to pursue Huffman romantically. Perhaps in an attempt to have bragging rights, there may be some inmates who will try to hookup with the star. Frantz says that the best way to avoid that is for Huffman to never change her clothes in the common area.

"In the bathroom, she should make sure she dresses in the shower, not out in the common area. Some women will be looking for sex or a relationship. And they might think, there's a nice TV star — that's a notch on my belt," Frantz said.

Frantz recommended that Huffman keep her mouth shut and keep as low a profile as possible. It's also in her best interest to not act like she's better than anyone else just because she is a celebrity.
"She should be careful not to act like she thinks of herself as better than everyone else. That will not go over well. Watch what you say — and keep a low profile. It's prison: People are going to want to take advantage of her, especially because she's rich and has been on TV."
As The Inquisitr previously reported, Huffman pleaded guilty to fraud-related charges for paying $15,000 to have her daughter's SAT exam answers corrected. The intent was to boost her daughter's score so that she'd have a better chance of getting into her dream college and pursuing her goal of studying theater.