Why Is Examiner.com, Sirius XM Hosting Racist Young Turk Host Ana Kasparian?

Exmainer.com and U.S. satellite radio broadcaster Sirius XM have failed to condem American host of the “Young Turks” Ana Kasparian following her blatantly racist comments on the show.

Kasparian, when commenting on West Indies cricket fans accurately shown in a KFC commercial from Australia, claimed among other things that their behavior was “so unruly, so uncivilised, so rowdy, jumping up and down, and they can’t sit down.”

One well established definition of racism states that it is the “discrimination or prejudice based on race.” Kasparian, when commenting on a culture that wasn’t her own, describes West Indies supporters as being “uncivilised,” despite the footage simply showing the fans in the ad at a game of cricket having fun and supporting their team.

As shown in the video below, the actions of the West Indies fans shown in the ad were not only accurate, but are common place among the supporters of many different cricket teams across the world, with supporters of various races and nationalities.

Given that the West Indians shown in the ad were clearly acting in a manner that is regular and not out of the ordinary, Kasparian’s condemnation of their actions as being uncivilised can only be construed one way: it was clearly a racist statement as it was based on the race of the people shown.

Hence, we ask why Kasparian has not been condemned by her employers, including Examiner.com and Sirius XM radio. Indeed, why are her racist statements being broadcast on Sirius XM at all? Does Sirius XM support suggestions that West Indian fans at a cricket game are “uncivilised?”


A highlight package of the racism of Kasparian, and her fellow Young Turks as follows: