September 14, 2019
Bebe Rexha Shows Off Cleavage And Hourglass Figure In New Instagram Photo

Bebe Rexha showed off her hourglass figure on Saturday and her Instagram followers are loving it. In the photo, Bebe is rocking a skintight corset-style top that's slightly open at the waist, revealing a sliver of skin. She paired the top with some equally tight blue jeans.

Her fans clearly appreciated the display and let it be known in the comment section.

"Shall we just agree that this is the Queen right here?' wrote one enthusiastic fan.

"Your body is goals," wrote another admirer.

"You look amazing," a third fan raved.

"You're beautiful bebe," a fourth follower chimed in.

Other fans seemed unable to find the words to adequately express their admiration, so they settled for emoji and very long "Yaaaaaasssss" exclamations.

Bebe recent wore another figure-hugging outfit that got a similarly enthusiastic response from her fans a couple of days ago. In that photo, she wore a grey 'J'Adore Dior' t-shirt and black leggings. The photo is currently sitting on close to 400,000 likes.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Bebe recently took to Instagram to out a music executive who told her that she was too old to be posting sexy photos of herself on Instagram. The 'I'm A Mess' singer is 30 years old.

"I recently had a MALE music executive tell me that I was getting too old and that my brand was 'confusing,'" she wrote in the caption of the post. "Because... I'm a songwriter and I post sexy pics on my Instagram and that's not what female songwriters are supposed to do, especially for my age."

Ageist comments from record company execs aren't the only offensive comments Bebe has had to deal with. She also gets body-shamed for her curvy figure on Instagram. In her most recent post, one troll said that her stomach was hanging out of the top. But the singer's ardent supporters quickly clapped back with stinging replies of their own.
For Bebe, the body-shaming issue goes beyond Instagram, however. Earlier this year, she complained about fashion designers refusing to dress her for the Grammys because of her body type. The singer made the revelation in an Instagram video that's still up on her page. It currently has over 2 million views and people have commented on it as recently as a day ago.As Cosmpolitan Magazine notes Bebe eventually went to the awards ceremony in a ravishing red gown designed by Bahraini designer Monsoori. The dress elegantly flattered her petite curvy frame and served as the best response to the people who tried to shame her.