September 14, 2019
WWE News: Bret Hart Reveals Which Current WWE Star He's A Fan Of

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart regularly shares his thoughts on the current generation of wrestlers, and he's never shy about saying what he really feels. In his latest observation of a modern superstar, however, he was very complimentary.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Hart revealed that he's a big fan of Drew McIntyre. Hart has plenty of experience wrestling against heavyweight opponents, having competed against The Undertaker, Yokozuna, and Andre The Giant during his career. Hart said that he's always respected larger wrestlers, and he views McIntyre as one of the better ones.

"I always respected big guys when I wrestled them, respected their size and their ability, and tried to bring out the best of them. A big guy I've been a big fan of for a long time is Drew McIntyre and his work. I'm glad that he had a rebound and he's doing really well."
Back when Hart wrestled, the heavyweight wrestlers were mostly portrayed as monsters. Many of them weren't exactly the most technically proficient in the ring, but they did excel when it came to performing maneuvers that required incredible feats of strength. When guys like Hart went up against them, it was usually presented as a David versus Goliath-esque situation.

McIntyre, meanwhile, has plenty of variation in his wrestling arsenal. While his size and strength make him an imposing opponent, he's also very agile and can keep up with high flyers. Every once in a while, he performs a rope flip -- among other moves -- to prove that he's just as capable as the Cruiserweights in that regard.

Drew McIntyre pounds Roman Reigns

"The Scottish Psychopath" is also a compelling talker on the mic and has established himself as one of the best heels on Monday Night Raw. Many industry insiders and fans believe he has what it takes to become the Universal Champion someday, and it might only be a matter of time before he's entrusted with that responsibility.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, McIntyre has been out of action these past few weeks after suffering an injury. Prior to being taken out of action, however, he was involved in some pretty big storylines that suggested he was on his way to the top of the Monday Night Raw ladder.

These storylines included a rivalry with Roman Reigns and The Undertaker -- the latter of whom is supposedly high on McIntyre and wants to work a solo program at a later date. When Hart and The Undertaker are fans of a younger star, you better believe that they have what it takes to reach the top.