September 14, 2019
Emily Ratajkowski Shows Her Skill At Glam Makeup In Hypnotizing Instagram Video

Emily Ratajkowski can do just about everything. The stunning brunette is one of the hottest names in the modeling industry and has build a strong career around her jaw-dropping look. But her talents go beyond rocking the runway at high-end fashion shows and posing up a storm in risqué outfits for steamy photoshoots.

The sizzling Sports Illustrated swimsuit model -- who is a successful entrepreneur and famously runs the Inamorata Woman swimwear and lingerie label, for which she also designs the collections -- apparently has a knack for makeup as well. It seems that Emily is quite skilled with the makeup brush, if her latest Instagram post is any indication, and can certainly create a flawless glam look as good as any makeup artist.

In a scorching video shared with fans on Friday, the multi-talented babe showed off her know-how by stepping in front of the camera to showcase a mesmerizing look that she put together herself. The brunette bombshell demonstrated her skill with a glorious and elegant cat-eye that left her looking chic and fabulous.

To create the stunning look, Emily went for a subtle, earth-toned palette, reflected both in the shimmering two-color eyeshadow that highlighted her hazelnut eyes and in the discreet blush applied to her cheeks. The natural-looking, skin-toned shades perfectly blended in with the dramatic black eyeliner, of which Emily made a tasteful and very inspired use. The gorgeous supermodel tied the look together with a nude, glossy lipstick that made her luscious, pillowy lips stand out even more.

As many of her fans will remember, Emily originally debuted the glamorous look at New York Fashion Week. The brunette babe was spotted rocking the head-turning makeup at the Michael Kors "Spring 2020" runway show on September 11, where she slayed the red-carpet look in a curve-hugging catsuit and red snakeskin boots, as previously covered by The Inquisitr.

Her attention-grabbing style was noticed by Vogue magazine, which published an article describing her look earlier this week.

"Ratajkowski applied her onyx along the waterline, making for a look at once understated and undeniably striking, particularly when drawn to a dramatic note with a kittenish flick of black liner, painted above the upper lash line," Vogue described her look.
"A nude lip — perfectly matched to her barely apricot-touched complexion — and a smattering of freckles acted as minimalist elevators to the fall-ready look, which seemed primed for a day-to-night transition."
While Emily has flaunted the daring look in numerous photos shared to Instagram over the last few days, she waited until today to reveal that she had done her makeup herself.

In classic Emily style, the ravishing brunette put on a very sultry display as she showcased her spectacular makeup in the new video. The 28-year-old hottie held nothing back, seductively playing with her hair while giving blistering looks to the camera.

Needless to say, her Instagram followers were all over the steamy video.

"Omg – the panther is on the prowl," one Instagram user wrote.

"Not playing around," Australian model Jordan Barrett commented on the video, with 39 people agreeing to his assessment of Emily's smoldering look.

"Neeeed this makeup tutorial. I can never figure out bottom eyeliner," a third follower commented on the post.

"The True Goddess Of The Galaxy!" read a fourth message, trailed by a string of flattering emoji.