Ex 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Posts Rambling 'Mozzarella' Video, Slamming Is Out Of Control

Farrah Abraham is getting slammed – big time. The former Teen Mom OG star seems particularly prone to social media trolls, although many fans feel that the backlash is justified on account of the 28-year-old's eyebrow-raising sex tapes, outlandish statements, and brazen activities that ensure she stays in the public eye. Farrah may be known for taking to Instagram in very little clothing, but the star's most recent update wasn't centering around sex appeal. In fact, it was all about cheese.

Farrah's video showed her during a tasting session with a friend. At over two minutes and 30 seconds, this video was a long one, with Farrah rambling on as she tasted various cheeses that appeared to be vegan. The opening part of the video came with a long stream of consciousness on mozzarella, with the Italian cheese forming the basis for much of Farrah's caption: the star had asked her followers to "describe" the cheese. Farrah then appeared to announce that she was plant-based – well, she seemed to "think" so, anyway.

Replies came in. While some supportive responses were left, those slamming the star – seemingly in every way possible – appeared to dominate. The most upvoted comment racked up 183 likes.

"These two don't have 3 brain cells to rub together."
A comment racking up 83 likes showed a user to be especially irritated.
"Never thought anyone could annoy me more than you, then boom. Here comes your lil Tink Tink sidekick"
While many comments saw the star slammed for her overall existence, they also came in with a particular angle: users didn't seem prepared to believe that Farrah is vegan, with a popular comment voicing the thought.
"P.s. you're totally not vegan now! And you never will be. Stop pretending to ride a trend. It's a lifestyle not a trend."
"Eats vegan food once – 'I think I'm vegan now'" was another comment.

A comment racking up 20 likes also called Farrah a "joke," with the user appearing to confirm that Farrah isn't vegan before encouraging the star to step away from social media.

Farrah has made major headlines for the social media backlash she receives. Earlier this month, the former MTV face was criticized for allowing her daughter Sophia to walk the New York Fashion Week runway, per The Inquisitr. The backlash here seemed to follow the pattern that has become commonplace for Farrah: commenters don't seem impressed with the way in which 10-year-old Sophia is raised.

Today's update didn't include Sophia, but it definitely brought out the criticism. Farrah left Teen Mom OG earlier this year. Fans wishing to see more of the star should follow her Instagram.