September 14, 2019
Fitness Model Lauren Simpson's Hip Thrusts Are Driving Instagram Wild

Fitness model Lauren Simpson worked her extremely toned glutes in two recent Instagram videos and her fans are raving over it. She calls the routine "an epic glute pump" in the caption and when you see the exercises she's doing you'll understand why. As her caption explains, the routine includes a set of single-leg weighted hip thrusts and elevated glute bridges with a resistance band.

The post is meant to promote a fitness program that Lauren created called "Power Booty."

"All things GLUTES has been my jam lately ahead of the new program launch!" she writes in the caption. "It's going to help you girls take your booty training up to the next level."

If the videos that Lauren posted are anything to go by, Power Booty will be rigorous and not for the faint of heart.

But it's clear that the clips offered a lot of "fitspiration" for her followers. There were a lot of grateful comments amidst the compliments and flurries of heart-eye and fire emoji in the comment section of the post.

As her Instagram bio states, Lauren Simpson is a former WBFF bikini champion, so her body hasn't just won her praise on Instagram. In an interview with Simply Shredded, she explained how she got into fitness competitions and what motivated her to compete.

"Growing up I led a very active lifestyle and played sports such as athletics, netball and touch football competitively," she said. "My family is very 'sporty', so I was always involved in team sports year round."

She went to explain that following bikini fitness competitors on social media inspired her to give it a try. But Lauren clarified that her main source of daily fitness motivation comes from "within."

"Every morning when my alarm goes off, I think to myself, I could stay in bed, but that's going to get me nowhere because I have goals and dreams and I want to chase them!"
It's clear that Lauren enjoys sharing this type of inspirational message with her fans. But she's also been seen cheering on her fellow fitness models on Instagram. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she dropped a very supportive comment on one of Ainsley Rodriguez's posts recently.

"Incredible as always," she wrote before ending her comment with a heart emoji.

According to the caption on her most recent Instagram post, Lauren's Power Booty program starts next week, so you can check it out if you're interested in building your glutes.