September 14, 2019
Human Rubber Band Maria Khoreva Blows Instagram's Mind In Flexibility Video Wearing Tiny Shorts

Maria Khoreva is blowing Instagram's mind. The Russian ballerina has been racking up followers at an astounding rate. While building up a significant fanbase in the ballet world tends to take quite some years, this teenager seems to be outshining some of the world's best-known ballerinas in terms of followers on social media. The Vaganova Academy graduate and Mariinsky Theatre dancer has 327,000 Instagram followers, and a recent update seems to have driven them absolutely wild.

Maria's video showed her in the studio. The Nike ambassador was appropriately clad for her training session, with fans seeing the brunette rocking a plum-colored leotard paired with flesh-colored and footless stockings, with a tiny pair of black shorts on top of them. Fans of Maria will know that a leotard finish is her standard for training, although many photos on the star's feed show her stage moments with a full tutu getup.

The footage was one more reminder of Maria's ultra-flexible and human rubber band status. The ballerina was seen balancing on one leg as she delivered a développé to the side, with one to the front also seen. Maria's hyper-extended legs, ultra-arched feet, and rock-hard muscles were all on show, although fans were likely paying attention to the sheer flexibility.

Maria's caption was lengthy -- the ballerina is known for airing her thoughts on life as well as her motivational streak via her captions. The dancer also asked for some television streaming recommendations from her followers. While many fans did oblige -- various shows were recommended -- responses also saw fans quite simply lose their minds over Maria's staggering physical abilities. Comments were left about the remarkable turnout Maria complained about in her caption, as well as her athleticism, which was also acknowledged by fans.Maria's posts almost always include a full update on what she's doing, how she's feeling, and what she wants to achieve. Vacation posts from the dancer are popular, although fans seem most gripped by Maria's studio posts. An Instagram update made towards the end of last month saw the dancer deliver her much-loved stream of consciousness.
"New season at the Mariinsky will not let us be floppy - it'll slap us with work honey! So this girl is determined to be ready this time, let's see how it goes, right? P.S. motivating myself with an agitating-speech-like caption is everything for me right now. Sending hugs to you guys and I wish you not to be alone today because it's the most terrible feeling when you've no one to share your emotions and thoughts with..."
Maria first made The Inquisitr's headlines earlier this year, with the report documenting just how highly she is regarded by other famous dancers.