September 14, 2019
Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Works Insanely Toned Abs In Tiny Red And Blue Bikini

Ainsley Rodriguez recently gave her 1.9 million Instagram fans a huge dose of workout inspiration when she posted a series of videos in which she's doing exercise routines that are meant to work the abs. In each of the clips, the brunette bombshell is rocking her routine in a tiny red and blue bikini, which shows off all of the gains she's earned from working out.

In the first video, Ainsley has a resistance band wrapped around her feet and she's pulling each knee towards her chest. As she does so, you can see activation in her abdominal muscles, a sign that this part of her body is getting a great workout.

In the second, she's doing a combination exercise that includes planks and lateral leg stretches, and in the last, she does a series of crunches with a raised dumbbell.

In the caption, Ainsley recommended that the exercises should be done for 50 seconds, then followed by 10 seconds of rest.

Her fans clearly appreciated the workout tips, based on the comments section.

"The best fitness coach ever! Bless you," wrote one grateful fan.

But others also used the post as an opportunity to gush over Ainsley's incredibly fit body.

"Ainsley, these are great, you are exquisitely wonderful, breathtakingly beautiful," wrote one enamored fan.

"Such a workout warrior. You put Wonder Woman to shame, beautiful in red, Ainsley," another chimed in.

"Beautiful as always," another commented. "Great workout while working on that golden tan."

Ainsley is likely very accustomed to getting this kind of feedback from her adoring fans. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she got similar comments on a recent bikini photo. In the caption, Ainsley also revealed that she's actually 5 feet, 4 inches tall, although the pose and angle of the photo make her look much taller.As that previous Inquisitr article also noted, Ainsley often posts rigorous workout routines on her Instagram page. It's aspirational content that inspires her followers to push past their limits.

In a 2017 interview with Huffpost, she revealed why she decided to find a balance between posting sexy bikini pictures and helpful posts filled with fitness tips. She realized that while the former got her lots of likes, they weren't a very effective way to grow her coaching business. So, she had to put her ego aside and create informational content that got fewer likes but more interest in the advice she was sharing.

"I think that's where a lot of influencers — especially females — struggle," Ainsley said. "Ego gets in the way. When you post a personal picture and you see the number of likes or new followers, you're like 'Oh my god!' But how does that translate to your business?"