Elizabeth Hasselback Allegedly Leaves The View, Follows Joy Behar’s Exit

Elizabeth Hasselback is allegedly leaving The View, following her co-star Joy Behar out the door. In the span of two days, it appears that the popular day-time talk show is going to have to do some serious reshuffling. One large difference between the two stars’ departures is that Behar left of her own accord while rumors are circulating that Hasselback was forced out.

Long thought of as the lone right wing voice on very liberal talk show, it appears that Hasselback isn’t particularly popular with the show’s viewers. New market research apparently led to the network deciding that Behar’s departure opened the door for the removal of Hasselback as well.

There does appear to be a little bit of controversy as ABC isn’t quite ready to admit that Elizabeth Hasselback is being let go. After being contact by the media, ABC issued a statement saying that the former Survivor contestant was a valued member of the program and that she had a long term contract.

Mostly proudly carrying the mantel as “the Republican” on the show, Hasselback has gotten into numerous heated exchanges and made plenty of controversial comments. The conservative, who is married to former NFL quarterback Tim Hasselback has sparred often with co-hots about Afghanistan and Mitt Romney’s presidential candidacy.

One of the star’s most famous comments was when she claimed that Chris Brown insulting a female comedian on Twitter by suggesting she perform sexual acts on him was akin to “verbal rape.

While ABC is claiming that at this point, Hasselback is still a part of The View, rumors persist that show-runners are actively looking for replacements and have been for some time. Ali Wentworth was reportedly approached about the opening but passed on the opportunity.

If Elizabeth Hasselback is following Joy Behar off of The View, who would you like to see replace her?