Sofia Jamora Shows Her Peach In Sheer Glitter Minidress

Sofia Jamora shared a brand new Instagram photo yesterday, and it was the third and final image of her in a runway outfit. Prior to this, she caused a stir with a photo of herself wearing a nude bodysuit on the stairs, as reported by The Inquisitr.

This time, Jamora was seen in a glittering dress with a g-string bikini bottom. Prior updates revealed more of the outfit, but this particular image showed her posing alongside fellow model, Yovanna Ventura.

The two girls crouched close to the ground while showing off their booty, as they both sported high heels and slinky dresses. Sofia's dress was arguably more noticeable upon first glance, thanks to all of the sparkles that made up the minidress.

The dress was sheer and left little to the imagination. The model accessorized with a light purple purse that she slung over her left shoulder. Jamora also wore her hair down with long curls as she accessorized with a hairpiece that perfectly matched her dress.

Ventura, on the other hand, wore a black dress with pink floral accents throughout. She wore a black purse over her left shoulder and rocked her hair down in loose waves.

The two gave sultry looks while behind them was see a large statue. The statue was of a being with multiple faces and heads, along with multiple arms.

Sofia's fans couldn't seem to get enough of the photo. There were plenty of people that focused on complimenting not just Sofia, but Yovanna too.

"Omg @calistamorfin this makes me soo happy my fav duooo it's about time you guys shot together," gushed a fan.

"Yoventura is more beautiful just personal opinion but the other girl outfit is more fire," commented another fan.

Some fans took advantage of the captions to leave flirty messages.

"@sofiajamora and after the after party it's straight to the hotel lobby, and than up to my penthouse suite," joked a follower.

"I still remember I posted you as my wcw 5 years ago... you were a baby! You liked the post too! God bless you, you're absolute perfection!" exclaimed another follower, who sounded like a long-time fan.

Plus, there was a comment from a fan that seemed to think the model had something going on with reality TV star, Romeo Miller.

"@romeomiller gotta treat her right Romeo, and Juliet @sofiajamora queen do yo thing ion know why not," they said.