Felicity Huffman Asks To Serve Sentence In Luxurious Prison Known As 'Chateau Dublin,' Which Has No Bars

Felicity Huffman may only have two weeks behind bars, but the actress hopes to spend it in style.

After a judge sentenced Huffman to spend 14 days behind bars for her role in the college admissions scandal, her attorneys requested that Huffman be allowed to serve the time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California, which is described as a cushy prison that has no bars and is known as "Club Fed." As The Daily Mail reported, the decision will be up to Judge Indira Talwani, but Huffman's legal team made sure to put in a bid for the minimum security facility.

The Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin is one of four federal prisons that exclusively house women, the report noted, and has a reputation for being a very easy stay for the prisoners sentenced there. The facility is known to locals as Chateau Dublin and is located in a temperate part of Northern California. The prison offers a slate of "recreation and leisure" activities for its prisoners and has a number of educational courses as well as apprenticeship programs in fields like plumbing and landscaping.

Lawyers for Felicity Huffman argued that it is the closest to her home in Los Angeles, but the famously cushy nature of the facility is likely a major factor as well. As Radar Online reported, locals look at it as something of a resort for the incarcerated.

"The community came up with it because it's more like a luxury retreat than a prison," a source told the celebrity gossip outlet. "Also, they came up with a moniker so they didn't have to refer to it as a prison."

As The Inquisitr reported, Huffman was sentenced in a federal court in Boston on Friday for her role in the scandal, in which many rich parents paid bribes to have their children admitted to top colleges and universities. Huffman was contrite about her role, apologizing to the court and for the damage she caused to her family. The judge ordered Huffman to serve 14 days in jail, pay a $30,000 fine, and complete 250 hours of community service. After release, Huffman will also have to serve one year of probation.

Like many charged in the scandal, Felicity Huffman chose to accept a plea deal that saw her plead guilty to a charge of conspiracy and fraud. Fellow actress Lori Loughlin, who was also charged, rejected the plea and is preparing to go to trial.