Shauna Sexton Shows Off Tan Lines In Skimpy Bikini

Shauna Sexton shared a brand new bikini update on Instagram today, and it's got her fans buzzing. The last time that the Playboy model was spotted in a swimsuit on her social media was late June, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

The new update is different from her last one, however, as this one was a video. The clip showed the model posing in front of a blank wall, as she gave smoldering looks for the camera.

The clip started with Shauna facing the camera straight-on, as she walked forward and shook her hips from side to side. She then turned around and faced her back to the camera, as she took several steps towards the wall. From there, she looked over her right shoulder and gave some sultry poses with her right shoulder facing the camera.

Sexton's ensemble was black. The bikini top had thin straps and a white "x" design on the top left. Meanwhile, her bottoms were a thong-cut with straps that tied on her hips.

Thanks to the skimpy nature of the bikini, Shauna's tan lines were exposed, especially on her derriere. It certainly looks like she's been making the most out of the sunshine.

The model wore her hair down and kept things simple with no visible jewelry.

The video has been watched more than 21,000 times so far.

Many of Shauna's fans stopped by the comments section to leave compliments.

"How do I get my body to look like yours can you please lmk," joked a fan.

"It's about time we see you Shauna although I love seeing your doggy.... a big hello from Massachusetts," said another fan.

"Wish we could have worked together back when you were in VA," said a follower, who appeared to have been wishing for a collaboration.

Others sent their compliments in other, creative ways.

"I had no idea I'd spent my entire life settling for too little until I knew what it was to have YOU," gushed a follower.

"Fits well. You should buy it. Btw, you'd be a good bikini model," complimented another follower.

Prior to this update, Shauna shared a series of two selfies. This was in late August. She looked tan in this photo also, as the sun was hitting her face. The model wore a black top with thin straps or a dress with thin straps. She pursed her lips for the shot and placed her left hand behind her head.