Mama June & Boyfriend Geno Doak Face Grand Jury Charges For Cocaine Possession

Amy Feinstein

Mama June Shannon and her boyfriend Geno Doak are now facing grand jury charges in relation to their arrest for crack cocaine possession in Alabama.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the state of Alabama had a grand jury review of the case against Mama June and Doak and have added two new charges to their reported crimes. The grand jury decided that Doak and Shannon "did unlawfully possess a controlled substance-to-wit: Cocaine, in violation of the law."

They also found that Shannon and Doak did "unlawfully possess with intent to use in inject, ingest, inhale or otherwise introduce into the human body, drug paraphernalia, to-wit: a pipe" in violation of the law. Both are placing prison terms if convicted, and have been ordered to appear back in court after their March arrest.

Mama June Shannon no longer has custody of her only minor child, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and has opted to stick with Doak instead of her family.

The Blast revealed that the couple was arrested initially in March in a Macon County, Alabama gas station where they were arguing. The addresses for both Shannon and Doak lead back to her house in Georgia which belonged to the reality star.

Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, 19, currently has custody of Alana, 14, following Mama June's arrest. The young girl lives with Lauryn, her husband Josh Effrid, and their toddler daughter in Georgia.

On the family reality show, Mama June: From Not To Hot, Shannon's daughters made the effort to stage an intervention to force her to get help and get sober, but she refused and shut them out as well as her sister.

People Magazine reported that before the March arrest, Mama June was convinced to go to rehab in North Carolina and got clean before reuniting with Doak. Pumpkin said that two days later, the couple was arrested in Alabama.

"As soon as Geno got Mama from the treatment center, I knew it was over from there. Mama just got charged with a possession of crack cocaine, which is a felony."
"She's not allowed to leave the state until after her hearing. She could face several years of jail time."