Cosplay Model Liz Katz Heats Up Instagram With Her Bikini-Clad Take On 'Stranger Things'

Liz Katz is making Stranger Things look pretty darn sexy.

The cosplay model took to Instagram this week to share her take on Robin Buckley, the wisecracking employee of the Scoops Ahoy. Katz decided to ditch the sailor costume and instead donned a blue-and-white striped bikini top to go along with her sailor's hat. The picture was a big hit with Katz's followers, earning some praise for adding a sexy touch to the look actress Maya Hawke rocked in the supernatural series.

Liz Katz has quickly become one of the most popular cosplay models on Instagram, rivaling the popularity of Jessica Nigri, who The Inquisitr noted is known as the "Queen of Cosplay." Katz has earned some national attention and accolades for the cosplay modeling, with the men's magazine FHM naming her to the list of 10 sexiest cosplay models for a 2015 list and other outlets placing her among the most popular in the field.

As Liz said in an interview with Impulse Gamer, she had always enjoyed dressing up and playing pretend, so jumping into cosplay was a natural transition. Katz said she enjoys connecting with fans, using the livestreaming video platform Twitch as the conduit. The medium is popular with gamers who let fans follow along as they play, and even though Katz admits she's a terrible gamer, she said the outlet is perfect for her.

The influx of cosplayers and "sexy" gamers on Twitch has been met with some criticism, but Katz said she doesn't mind the controversy too much.

"The mindset of the general public is illogical. Violence is given the thumbs up but a pretty lady in lingerie or a bikini is considered frowned upon by the same people who approve violence in entertainment," she told the gaming news outlet. "Personally I don't give a flying (you know what) about things other people consider acceptable or not."

Liz Katz has been able to amass a big following on Instagram as well, with close to 870,000 followers and plenty of interaction. Her photos frequently gain viral interest among fans, and Katz tries to hit a number of genres with her cosplay.

Earlier this month, Katz shared her sexy take on Leeloo from the cult-favorite movie the Fifth Element, garnering more than 50,000 likes from fans.Katz has also cosplayed as Spider-Girl and Catwoman and shared plenty of shots of herself rocking bikinis or other skimpy apparel.Those who want to see more from Liz Katz can check out her Instagram page.