September 14, 2019
Bikini Model Devin Brugman Spills Out Of Black Bra In Sultry New Instagram Photo

Bikini model Devin Brugman showed off her voluptuous cleavage on Instagram on Friday in a black bra, and her 1.3 million followers clearly appreciated the view. But the caption revealed that it wasn't just a run of the mill attention-grabbing, NSFW post. Devin wrote that wearing the bra felt like "winning the lottery" because of how well it worked with her larger cup size and offered her fans a discount code that would get that a percentage off their purchase.

While it sounds a lot like sponsored content, Devin did not include the "#ad" hashtag to the caption.

The bra is called the WingWoman Contour Bra. It was designed by a company called KnixWear, a brand that specializes in creating wireless bras that offer lots of support but are comfortable to wear. According to their website, The WingWoman is their "sexiest wireless bra" ever and retails for $60.

In the comments of Devin's post, several women seemed excited about trying out the design.

"The fit looks amazing!!!!," one woman wrote. " Will definitely be checking out this one. Thanks for looking out for us!"

"Is it supportive?! Looks awesome!!" another woman asked.

One other commenter called KnixWear the "best brand for bigger cup sizes."

But, as with the other posts on her page, other commenters used the post as an opportunity to sing the praises of Devin's physical beauty.

"You don't need to find that bra 'cause you're already glamorous," wrote one enamored fan.

"Looks amazing on you babe!" another wrote.

The geo-tag on Devin's most recent post reveals that she was in Bali when the photo was uploaded. As The Inquisitr reported one of Devin's previous photos was taken in that exotic locale as well. In that one, she's wearing a white string bikini.

While Devin promotes items from other designers on her Instagram page, she has her own fashion brand called Monday Active Swimwear. According to Heightline, she started the business in 2014 with her friend and fellow Instagram bikini model, Natasha Oakley.

They also co-created the Bikini A Day Instagram page as well, a project that helped to increase their internet fame.

In an interview with Elite Daily, Devin explained that Bikini A Day started after they began having success with their individual Instagram accounts.

"We soon became known as the 'bikini girls' because we uploaded bikini pictures regularly on our personal Instagram accounts," she said. "As our followers grew we recognized how much they loved our bikini shots. Our obsession with bikinis and the demand for more pictures came together to create 'A Bikini A Day.'"

They've managed to build the follower count on the page to an impressive 565,000. But the number of followers on Devin's personal account eclipses that as she has a following of over a million.