September 13, 2019
Tammy Hembrow Heats Up Instagram In Itsy-Bitsy Black Bikini

Australian social media superstar Tammy Hembrow brought a dose of sunshine and sex appeal to Instagram on Friday when she uploaded a photo of herself rocking a cut black bikini on the beach. The tiny strapless number did a great job of accentuating the 25-year-old fitness model's toned curves, and her windswept blond locks added an extra layer of glamour to the stunning image.

In the caption, Tammy revealed that the swimsuit was from Fashion Nova, a brand well-known for sponsoring Instagram content by beauty and fashion influencers. But it doesn't look like many people noticed the caption, as a lot of the comments seemed laser-focused on complimenting Tammy's beauty.

"Why are you so perfect!!!" wrote one enthusiastic admirer.

"What a babe," wrote another.

Many of the other comments were filled with heart-eye and fire emoji, a clear sign that the photo was well-received by Tammy's audience.

This is hardly the first time that Tammy has posted a bikini photo on her Instagram page. As The Inquisitr recently reported, she rocked a blue two-piece swimsuit a couple of days ago to promote her fitness app's upcoming arrival on the Android platform. The app, which is called Tammy Fit, tracks fitness goals and creates customized workout plans and more for its users.

Tammy got a lot of love on that photo as well, and it is currently sitting at over 320,000 likes.

Although Tammy has become a prominent fitness influencer on Instagram, she revealed in an interview with MediaKix that she didn't always feel great about her body.

"I wasn't living a very healthy lifestyle," she said. "It became more of a focus when I realized that I could look and feel my absolute best and that it was all controlled by how I ate and worked out."

Her almost 10 million-strong Instagram following has also allowed her to create a successful athleisure fashion company called the Saski Collection, named after her youngest daughter. During the interview, she explained the reason she decided to create the business.

"Since the beginning, I've always wanted my own clothing label. I pretty much live in gym clothes and wanted something that I would personally wear," she said. "With Saski Collection, I was able to marry fitness and fashion, it was the perfect match."

According to an article published by the Daily Mail, Saski Collection is worth $3.6 million, so it's clear that she's doing something right. She may be a beauty and fitness influencer but there's more to her than meets the eye.