Jamie Lyn Rinaldi Teases Instagram In Nothing But A Pair Of Pink Bikini Bottoms

Jamie Lyn Rinaldi poses for a photo on her Instagram page
Jamie Lyn Rinaldi / Instagram

Jamie Lyn Rinaldi likely sent several pulses racing when she uploaded a topless photo of herself to Instagram on Friday. In the shot, Jamie Lyn is wearing nothing but a pair of pink string bikini bottoms that leave very little to the imagination. The post shows off some tattoos that would normally be hidden by clothing, revealing that she has a dreamcatcher inked on the right side of her torso and some cursive writing near her waist.

The model’s followers have likely seen all of these before since she regularly posts bikini photos of herself. But based on the comments on her most recent post, it looks like they can’t get enough of them.

“Incredibly beautiful with a radiating smile and awesome inkwork!!” wrote one admirer.

One fan pinpointed something very specific about the photo, a feature than many probably didn’t notice given the nature of the photo.

“Is it weird to say that I like your eyebrows in this picture?” they wrote.

The comment actually got Jamie Lyn’s attention and she replied by saying that she had no problem with the compliment on her eyebrows.

This is hardly the first topless photo that Jamie Lyn has uploaded to Instagram as she decided to forgo clothing on her upper body in two of her previous posts as well.

In one of those posts, she was posing half-naked in an empty kitchen and quipping that fans can call her “Chef Jamie” from now on.

In the other, she was wrapped up in some tousled bedsheets and giving the camera bedroom eyes. This post was actually a series of photos, and when the viewer swipes, they can see what happens “when room service comes early.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, although Jamie Lyn shares a lot of swimwear and lingerie photos on her Instagram page, she is also known for posting photos related to her fitness regime. She had previously posted a photo of herself wearing boxing gloves alongside someone who seems to have been her sparring partner. As such, it looks like boxing is one of her go-to activities for keeping fit.

She had also posted a video of herself lifting weights a form of “Monday Motivation” for her fans. But the video took a cheeky turn near the end when she took off her shorts to reveal a thong underneath. The clip ended with a shake of her extremely toned derriere and a giggle. She was clearly having fun and based on the comments on her posts, her fans are enjoying the view.