September 13, 2019
The Internet Is Going Crazy Over What Looks To Be A Nude Photo Of Gwyneth Paltrow

It appears there could be a nude image of Gwyneth Paltrow posted on Instagram.

Whether or not the picture is legitimate, the controversy it has sparked is definitely real.

This week, Gwyneth's wellness company Goop shared an Instagram picture of a fully nude woman standing on a hillside raising both hands upward. The woman, who was pictured from behind with no face visible, appeared to fit the size and build of the company's founder.

Amid the speculation over whether the picture was actually showing Paltrow in the nude, many fans attacked the company for appearing to betray its own stance against unfair body standards on women. As the New York Post noted, many took the company to task in the comments section for featuring the nude body of a woman so thin that her ribcage was showing underneath her skin.

"Goop you get this wrong so often," one person wrote. "Your insta posts are millennial white girls and now this unrealistic body image. For claiming to be about empowering women you need a reality check and get real."

Others stuck up for the wellness company, saying that body acceptance means that all body types are welcome, even women who might be smaller or larger than others.

As Fox News reported, Goop did not clarify whether the blonde woman in the nude photo was indeed Gwyneth Paltrow, but the news outlet noted that the actress has come under fire herself for the company's actions. Critics have blasted its high prices and questionable health and wellness claims as well as what some see as deceptive marketing tactics.

As The Inquisitr reported, that included the company's first wellness summit earlier this summer where there were rampant complaints of overpriced tickets, including some fans who paid $8,000 for exclusive access but found that Gwyneth was barely involved.

"She did the minimum -- a few fireside chats with Twiggy and Penelope Cruz, then she put on her Birkenstocks and snuck out... I was a huge fan of Gwyneth; now I feel like I have lost my faith in God," one attendee told the New York Post's Page Six, via Fox News.

Goops has a very close relationship with its founder, frequently featuring pictures of Gywneth on its Instagram page, including a recent one where the actress showed off her athletic frame in a one-piece swimsuit.

Those who want to take a look at the NSFW nude photo from Goop to figure out if it's really Gywneth Paltrow can see it on Goop's Instagram page.