American Cosplayer & Model Meg Turney Turns Up The Heat In 'Silly Swimsuit'

Meg Turney wears a lot of different hats, all of which make her the perfect Instagram sensation. The Texas beauty is a popular cosplayer, YouTuber and model who has attracted a lot of attention to her online presence.

On Friday, the 32-year-old brunette bombshell took to the popular social media platform to share a smoldering snapshot of herself in a swimsuit that is both revealing, as well as "silly," as she put it.

In the photo, the Austin native was seen sitting on the edge of a bathtub as she rocked a metallic silver, one-piece bathing suit that featured colorful patches in different tones of green, pink and yellow. The suit also boasted a lot of horizontal cutouts heading down its bodice, creating several pieces of fabric that were connected via a zipper on the front. The zipper ran from her cleavage all the way down between her legs, which prompted several comments about how uncomfortable the bathing suit looks. The cutouts were created in such a way that quite bit of skin was on display, including a good bit of underboob.

Turney was leaning to her right as she looked down at a point off-camera. Her lips were parted in a seductive way as she took one hand and placed in on her head.

The post, which Turney shared with her 652,000 Instagram followers, garnered more than 17,000 likes in just a few hours of being posted. The same time period also brought in upwards of 70 comments from her fans. Users of the social media platform took to the comments section to compliment her post, though many also asked her about how comfortable the suit was.

"Hopefully there's some fabric on the inside of that zipper. Can't imagine how that would feel," one user wrote, trailing the comment with a think face emoji.

"So gorgeous and adorable Meg!" another fan chimed, including a few heart eyes emoji after the words.

Turney is a pretty active figure in the social media world. In 2018, hers was one of the well-known names who used an online presence to ask YouTube to put restrictions on Logan Paul's channel. She did this after he reportedly posted a disturbing video of an apparent suicide victim in Japan, as The Inquisitr reported at the time.

"All eyes on you, @YouTube. What Logan Paul did was unacceptable and deserves decisive action. There is no place on YouTube for that kind of content," Turney wrote on her Twitter, as The Inquisitr pointed out.