September 13, 2019
Scantily-Clad Niece Waidhofer Posts Photo Of Her Cleavage Looking Like 'Silicone Valley' & Instagram Loses It

Niece Waidhofer likes to have a little fun with her Instagram followers. She often shares photos with witty captions to engage her hoards of fans, and Friday's update was no different.

In the post, Niece stood in front of a mirror. This was not a typical selfie, as the shot appeared to be taken from a camera that was on the floor, providing a unique angle. In the forefront of the shot was Niece's stilettos, which had golden cuffs around the ankles. Part of Niece's calves could be seen in the shot, but it was her body reflected in the mirror that commanded attention. The mirror captured Niece's body from her thighs up.

But even more enticing than the photo was the dominatrix-inspired outfit Niece wore, which left little to the imagination. The getup included a push-up bra that accentuated her voluptuous cleavage and a pair of tiny bikini panties that hardly fit her. Attached to the panties were garter belts to add a bit of sex appeal. The Instagram sensation also wore a black choker around her neck to give off a dominatrix vibe. Her long, dark hair fell down over her shoulders as she tilted her head to the side and glanced in the mirror.

In the post's caption, Niece told her fans that she was giving them a photo of her cleavage looking like "the silicone valley."

Fans raved over the photo. One follower complimented Niece on the angle of the photo, to which she replied that she put a camera on a pizza box to get the right shot.

"This is a killer good shot. You're a babe and always," wrote another admirer.

Other fans were quick to compliment Niece on her fabulous figure, including her "silicone valley."

"You're deadly sexy!" said one admirer.

"We are not worthy," joked one fan.

One fan told Niece she had the body of a "Greek goddess," while another said the photo was her best so far.

Such comments coming from the beauty's 1 million followers are typical. This post was incredibly popular, racking up over 17,000 like within an hour of her sharing it.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the beauty regularly shares racy photos of herself wearing as little as possible. She seems to have a knack for knowing what her followers like to see, and she also seems to enjoy interacting with them online.

Those wanting to see more of Niece can follow her Instagram account.