Jordyn Woods Poses In A Sports Bra And Fans Think They See Evidence She Got Breast Implants

Jordyn Woods likely just wanted to show off her curves in a sports bra, but her recent Instagram picture ended up sparking wild rumors that the model may have gotten breast implants.

As The Inquisitr noted, Jordyn made waves with the racy picture posted to her Instagram page this week. Fans had plenty of supportive comments for the now-former best friend of Kylie Jenner, complimenting Jordyn on her fierce look and gushing over her outfit.

But many others thought that the pictures gave away signs that Jordyn has had some work done. Many noted that her breasts appeared to be noticeably larger, and some thought that the sports bra appeared to be a piece of specialty apparel made to be extra supportive after a surgery.

"Isn't that the [bra] women use when they get there breast done?" one person wrote.

"Breast augmentation bras really are the comfiest though. Lol," another added.

It's not clear if Jordyn has actually gone under the knife, and the change in her breast size does not appear to be drastically different from pictures she has shared weeks and months ago on Instagram.

This is not the first time that Jordyn has sparked rumors that she's gotten work done. Earlier this year, Radar Online published a gallery of photos showing noticeable changes in Jordyn's appearance during her time in the spotlight. The outlet also tracked down some plastic surgeons who said they saw telltale signs that Jordyn has gone under the knife to augment her looks.

Dr. Adam Schaffner, a plastic surgeon from New York City, said there has been a big difference in Jordyn's nose from when she was younger.

"She appears to have improved the appearance of her nose that may be due to a rhinoplasty," he told the outlet.

Jordyn also appeared to take the lead of her former friend, Kylie Jenner, in using an injectable lip filler to boost the volume in her lips. Dr. Tim Sayed told the outlet that she had fat removal to give her a slimmed down face and profile. The changes came as Jordyn took on a bigger stature thanks to her friendship with Kylie and the explosion of interest after their friendship ended after Jordyn hooked up with Khloe Kardashian's man, Tristan Thompson.

None of the experts speculated at the time about whether Jordyn has gotten breast implants, but the recent Instagram picture has many of her fans speculating and led to some reports in the celebrity gossip world.