September 13, 2019
Sara Underwood Shows Off Her 'Unmentionables' In New Morning Snap

Sara Underwood and her boyfriend Jacob Witzling are once again on the road, which, for them, means sleeping on their truck. Though that thought may sound incredibly uncomfortable for most, the reality is quite different for Sara and Jacob. The couple built a tiny wooden camper featuring the added perk of having the fitting on top of the bed of their '79 Ford pickup truck. That means the pair have a roof over their heads wherever they go, as The Inqusitr previously pointed out.

Though they have an established spot in the Olympic National Forest in Washington state where they have built a wooden cabin nicknamed "Cabinland" for living in full time, the two often pack up their belongings and set out on the road in search of new adventures. They did just that earlier this week when Sara shared with her Instagram audience that the two were headed to Utah.

On Friday, the former Playboy model took to the popular social media platform to post a couple of sizzling snapshots in which she shared what waking up on the bed of their truck while camping means. In this case, it means walking around in her "unmentionables," Sara wrote in the caption of her post.

In the snapshots, Sara was seen atop the bed of their truck in front of the itty bitty cabin as she rocked a white lace lingerie set that consisted of a triangular bra with adjustable straps that went over the model's shoulders. The soft fabric of the bra, as well as its low-cut front, helped accentuate Sara's cleavage, putting her buxom figure front and center.

Sara teamed her bra with a pair of matching underwear that came up high on her frame while sitting above her bellybutton. The bottoms featured high-cut legs that left quite a bit of bare skin on display. As she indicated in her caption and via a tag included over the photo, the set she was wearing is from Pretty Little Thing.

The post, which Sara shared with her 9.2 million Instagram followers, garnered nearly 55,000 likes and more than 330 comments within just a couple of hours of uploading, suggesting that interactions should continue. Users of the social media app took to the comments section to express their admiration for her, and to engage with her caption as well.

"Wait, you're NOT supposed to walk around like that in the RV parks?" one user joked.

"Love the lights you put up in the camper, looks so homey," another user chimed in.