Anastasiya Kvitko Goes Tighter Than Ever In Nude 'Bella' Bodysuit So Tight, It's Officially Outrageous

Anastasiya Kvitko appears to have gone tighter than ever. The "Russian Kim Kardashian," per The Inquisitr, is renowned for showcasing her fierce curves in ultra-tight and revealing apparel, with AK's swimwear updates quite possibly responsible for the 11 million+ followers she has amassed on Instagram. Anastasiya took to the platform on Friday with a fierce bikini look, but the content keeps flowing with this beauty. AK took to her Instagram stories not long after posting her white two-piece, although the footage she posted had seen her opt out of swimwear.

AK's story showed her walking across an outdoor balcony overlooking a street with attractive palms. The brunette was making sure all eyes were on her, though. Friday's outfit was city-appropriate, but it didn't hold back on the curve-flaunting. Beady-eyed fans have spotted that AK mentioned Blue Body Brazil: the clothing line happens to have posted an Instagram image of the nude-colored bodysuit she wore. It comes with a "Bella" name.

AK appeared to have squeezed her curves into the backless and halterneck one-piece, with the tight materials definitely taking on somewhat of an outrageous side as they flaunted her pert rear. AK also seemed to have chosen a camera angle that showcased her famous behind to best advantage.

Bodysuits seem to be a favorite for AK. Earlier this week, the star appeared in an olive-colored bodysuit – this one came without the printed-on pockets seen on Friday's apparel, though. Of course, this model doesn't rock the same look twice in a row. What AK did prove, however, is that her love of bodysuits make the clothing both a daywear and eveningwear look. With pouring sunlight in Friday's stories and nighttime cityscapes in the post showing the olive look, it was also clear that AK takes to Instagram at any time of the day.Anastasiya now comes as a full-blown social media sensation. The model may have been turned away from the modeling industry for being too curvy, but this tough cookie stuck out her dreams and made it. Speaking to Women's Fitness, AK admitted that she herself couldn't get over her fast-rising profile."What can I say about the popularity on Instagram, my account has grown very fast – I can't even follow its growth. I registered on it in August 2014, and since that time my story started in the summer of 2014, after I have been living for about one year in Moscow, then I had registered on Instagram. I used to like take photos of myself and post them on my account, it has since than grown so big," she told the magazine.