September 13, 2019
Rita Ora Shows Off Toned Midriff In New Instagram Photos

Rita Ora is no stranger to posting sultry photos on Instagram, and the images she uploaded to the platform on Friday were no different. In one photo, the British pop star is rocking a T-shirt that had been hiked up to reveal a toned tummy. The photo also shows off the tattoo that she has on her arm as well as the beautifully arranged rings and bracelets on one of her hands. She's also in a tee in the second photo, but the most striking feature of that shot is the smoldering stare she gives to the camera.

Some of her followers used the post as an opportunity to comment on Rita's beauty and profess their love for the singer.

"You make my day beautiful with your smile. Your smile and eyes make me so happy," one infatuated admirer professed.

But many of her fans were focused on her music.

In the caption, Ora hints that she has big plans for the fall, which she "can't wait" to reveal to her followers. In the comments, many expressed hope that she was prepping another album.

"I can't wait for you to show us what you've been working on! My guuuurl," one person wrote.

"Can't wait to hear it, Rita," another added.

Rita's last album, Phoenix, was released in November of last year. As iTunesCharts reports, the project did well during its first week on the British iTunes charts, reaching position No. 11 on the album ranking. It went on to spend 87 days on that chart.

Rita has previously said that this album was a pivotal one for her and that it encompassed many of the lessons she'd learned in the time since the release of her first solo project.

Her music career has been a rocky one. After the success of her first album, she broke up with then-boyfriend and frequent collaborator Calvin Harris. In a candid 2018 interview with Clash, she said that Calvin pulled his songs from a prospective second album after the breakup, which meant that she couldn't perform the No. 1 song she had already released, "I Will Never Let You Down."

She also had issues with her former label, Jay-Z's Roc Nation. Rita told Clash that when the label moved their distribution agreement from Sony to Universal, they left her with Sony. According to Rita, the change felt like abandonment and her opportunities to make music suffered because of it.

She filed a lawsuit against the label in 2015, and it was settled the following year, which meant that she was released from her contract. This paved the way for the eventual creation of Phoenix.

As The Inquisitr previously noted, Rita has said that the experience frightened her because she worried about the impact it would have on her musical future. But having to rely on acting, hosting and tours opened her eyes to the many avenues her career could take.

"I really learned that the industry is bigger than you think," she said to Clash. "There are a lot of opportunities where you can still be in control."