'The View' Slams Julian Castro For Bad Behavior During Democratic Debate

The women of ABC's The View slammed presidential hopeful Julian Castro for his bad behavior during the third Democratic debate, which aired on ABC on September 12. The women felt that Castro's attacks on former United States Vice-President Joe Biden's age would destroy Castro's chances for a shot at the presidency.

"I found it cringe-worthy," said panelist Abby Huntsman on The View of the exchange. "And if I were to predict anything, that was probably the nail in the coffin for Castro. This is one of the last times you will see him on a debate stage."

The women of The View including moderator Whoopi Goldberg and fellow panelists Meghan McCain, Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin all agreed with Huntsman's theory.

Goldberg claimed the exchange was not what the country needed, prompting an agreement by Behar who said Castro's behavior was not a moment for which the Democratic party should be proud.

ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin called it "poor form" to allude that Biden was too old to be president. She then explained that Bernie Sanders is 78 and Elizabeth Warren is 70. Joe Biden is 76 years old.

McCain felt that Castro should "put a fork in it" because she believes his campaign is technically over. She also felt that attacking Biden in that way was more like a move the current President of the United States Donald Trump would make for the cameras.

The exchange between Biden and Castro came after a disagreement over health care. Castro claimed Biden made a mistake regarding his statements over who could be automatically enrolled in his plan. He then criticized Biden's memory by yelling at the former Vice President and asking him if he forgot what he just said minutes earlier.

Castro said to Biden, "I can't believe that you said, two minutes ago, that they had to buy in and now you're forgetting that. We need a health care system where you're automatically enrolled."

Biden did not state that consumers would be required to buy into his plan despite Castro's claim reported The Hill.

In June of this year, Castro appeared on the long-running ABC daytime talk and news series and the women asked him to be less civilized when debating his competitors for the Democratic nomination after the former Obama administration HUD secretary and San Antonio mayor made a case for debate civility. Newsweek reported that during his appearance on the show, Behar said the Democratic base wanted to hear Castro to say how "horrible" Donald Trump was and to attack Democratic frontrunners Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren during the debates

At the time, Castro countered with his claims that Democrats were not going to beat Donald Trump by trying to be like the president with regard to his bad behavior on the debate stage.

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