September 13, 2019
Ivanka Trump Says She Got Her Moral Compass From Her Father & This Throws Twitter Into A Frenzy

Social media is buzzing over first daughter Ivanka Trump once again, this time in response to comments she made to donors at a recent fundraising event. President Trump's daughter and senior adviser was reportedly asked about what personality traits she inherited from her mother, Ivana, and from her father, Donald. What she says came from her father that sparked an intense response across Twitter.

Politico shares that the fundraiser where this happened took place in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in mid-August. The outlet says that according to two attendees, Ivanka told the 120 or so major donors that her mother, Ivana, showed her how to be a successful, powerful woman. In terms of what she got from her father, Ivanka apparently said that it was his moral compass.

As this new report from the outlet was shared across social media on Friday, many Twitter users remarked in response to the idea that Ivanka and the president share a high moral compass.

"Isn't Donald Trump her dad? Does she know him? I knew she was dumb and clueless but this is ridiculous. On second thought – she was talking with @GOP donors. They probably were glad to hear she's just as crooked as daddy."
"Sweat Shop Barbie has no moral compass. Trump certainly never did," remarked one of Ivanka's critics.

"Wow, she must be brain dead to think that is a positive thing," quipped another.

Some tweeted that Ivanka probably does have a similar moral compass like that of the president's, but that this similarity between the two is not necessarily a good thing. Others said that the idea that Trump said this with a straight face was rather astonishing.

"That's not breaking news @IvankaTrump we already knew this by how entitled and clueless you act," was a dig posted by another Trump detractor on Twitter.

"I don't feel sorry for any of the Trumps. But can you imagine what it was like growing up without love or values in that ostentatious life with The Orange Imbecile and his criminal buddies? There's no way that doesn't mess you up."
This was not the first time this month that Ivanka has been roasted on Twitter. As The Inquisitr recently shared, the first daughter's trip to Colombia sparked multiple rounds of mocking. Trump was widely criticized for some of the fashion choices she made with the Twitter commentary becoming pretty brutal.Meanwhile, The View host Meghan McCain lashed out at the first daughter and her husband earlier this week during a segment on the show. The Inquisitr detailed that the co-hosts were talking about a recent article done on the Trump family and this prompted Meghan to lash out to a degree.

Meghan said that Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, crashed the funeral of her father, John McCain, last year. She added that the pair are not good people and then the White House pushed back against The View commentary and the article being discussed. Apparently, Meghan did not back down.

Ivanka Trump doesn't typically comment on these types of criticisms via social media, and it doesn't appear she's acknowledged this new round of drama either.