Eddie Money’s Net Worth Estimated At $12 Million

Rock legend Eddie Money has sadly passed away earlier this morning at the age of 70, as reported earlier today by The Inquistr. Though the family did not release his cause of death, the rock star had disclosed earlier this year that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer.

Money was behind some of the most iconic songs of the 70s and 80s, including bangers like “Take Me Home Tonight,” “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets To Paradise.” He was so successful that Celebrity Net Worth estimates his musical empire to be worth $12 million.

Money came from a family filled with NYPD officers, and even enrolled in the New York Police Academy to follow the family tradition. However, once he realized that his passion was music, he dropped out and moved to California to pursue his dream.

Though the move was risky, he persevered, performing at clubs until he finally landed his first recording deal, and released the eponymous album “Eddie Money” in 1977. It was an immediate success, with all three singles — two of which included “Baby Hold On” and “Two Tickets To Paradise” breaking into the Billboard Hot 100.

Money went on to release eleven albums more through 2007, and had fourteen songs break into the top 100 and eight break into the top 40. “Take Me Home Tonight” was his biggest hit, landing in the top five in 1986. The strong sales of his singles helped build a comfortable fortune for the singer.

But he also had a couple of other sources of income. Money was also a frequent face on MTV, thanks to his videos “Think I’m In Love” and “Shakin’.” He also took part in a Geico commercial.

In addition, he starred in a reality television series called Real Money, which documented the famous rocker and his family life. The series aired on AXS TV in April 2018.

Eddie Money performing at iheart80s party

However, despite his well-deserved millions, Money claimed to Rolling Stone that he was still performing due to his desire to pay the bills.

Part of his motivation was to help out his children, three of whom were hoping to enter the famously competitive music industry.

“I’m helping my kids out. I got my son back there on drums, my other kid’s great on rhythm guitar, my daughter is dancing around like it’s her first gig,” he confessed.

When asked about his thoughts on retirement, Money pointed out that older performers, such as Tony Bennet, were still performing.

“I’m gonna stop when I’m rich, and I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen. For some reason, I missed the boat when it comes to the big money. I don’t know what happened, you know?” he explained.

However, the guitarist also noted that he was lucky compared to many others.

“I’m not really getting rich out here. But I look at it like this: The kids aren’t in jail, they’re not in rehab, nobody’s wrecked the car this week and there’s still milk in the refrigerator,” he added. “I’m having a good month.”

Money leaves behind his wife of thirty years, Laurie. He also leaves behind his children, Zachary, Jessica, Joseph, Julian and Desmond.