Eddie Money Dead, Rock Legend Passed Away At 70

Rock singer Eddie Money has died. According to Variety, the man responsible for hits like "Two Tickets to Paradise" and "Take Me Home Tonight" passed away Friday at age 70.

Last week, as reported by The Inquisitr, Money revealed that he was suffering from Stage 4 esophageal cancer.

Born Edward Mahoney in Brooklyn in 1949, Money got his start working gigs in clubs around the Berkeley, California area in the middle and late 1970s. By the late '70s, Money was starting to get noticed, charting two singles, "Baby Hold On" and "Two Tickets To Paradise."

Money's early success coincided with the advent of a new platform that, throughout the early '80s, would make or break pop music careers: MTV. Money, with his tongue-in-cheek approach to music videos, which were often sprinkled with narrative humor, made excellent use of the new avenue, and became a superstar.

Unfortunately, his career was derailed for a few years following a dud 1983 album, followed by a period of substance abuse, as Billboard reports.

By 1986, Money had gotten himself back together and staged a mega-comeback, recording the hit that would be most associated with him for the rest of his life and career: "Take Me Home Tonight." For this, he teamed up with Ronnie Spector, of the 1960s girl group The Ronettes, who sang backup vocals and referenced her group's own hit, "Be My Baby."

The hit revived both Money's and Spector's careers. Money would go on to chart six additional Top 40 hits through 1992, periodically battling substance abuse issues throughout.

By the 2000s, Money had kicked drugs and alcohol for good.

He continued to tour, and even starred in an autobiographical theater musical, Two Tickets to Paradise: The Musical, which used his own songs as its score.

In his later years, Money stuck around the Bay Area, where he got his start, frequently performing in clubs in the region.

Keeping his sense of humor even until the end, Money joked that, like so many rock stars, he didn't make as much money as he could have.

"[I] missed the boat when it [came] to the big money," he said.

In fact, his net worth was estimated at $12 million at the time of his death, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Despite his substance abuse and purported financial struggles, Money joked that things turned out about as well as could have been expected for an aging rock star.

"The kids aren't in jail, they're not in rehab, nobody's wrecked the car this week and there's still milk in the refrigerator. I'm having a good month," he once joked.

Money is survived by his wife Laurie and five children.