Nene Leakes And Cynthia Bailey Get In Massive Blow-Out Caught On Camera

Nene Leakes and Cynthia Bailey have had an on-again, off-again friendship for years, but it seems that the two Real Housewives of Atlanta stars are definitely on the outs right now. The two have reportedly had a series of knock-down, drag-out fights in recent days, and it has all been caught on camera.

According to a source who spoke to Radar Online, NeNe and Cynthia have been battling over loyalty, something that fans know is super important to NeNe.

"NeNe and Cynthia had two fights on camera, huge blowouts," a source revealed. "They were fighting about loyalty, which is a big deal to NeNe."

To make things worse, NeNe is angry that Porsha Williams has gotten involved in their arguments and wants the 52-year-old model to be more independent.

"Porsha told Cynthia not to engage with NeNe," the insider said. "NeNe feels that Cynthia has too much interference from other cast members and she can't deal with things on her own."

Things have been boiling between the two for some time. NeNe refused to film earlier in the season and missed the big moment when Cynthia's beau Mike Hill proposed. The two tied the knot with plenty of friends present, but NeNe was conspicuously absent.

But despite months of fighting, the pair say that they believe they can repair their relationship, according to Hollywood Life.

"Cynthia is optimistic for a friendship with NeNe, but it will be a different dynamic than what it was before," a source said. "It's hard to see they'll ever have a kind of friendship like they used to again. NeNe too is optimistic but sees there are lots of challenges."

The source added that NeNe doesn't know whether or not she can trust Cynthia, and both are having a hard time letting go of the past and seeing eye to eye. Apparently, the two have been meeting and trying to sort things out as best they can.

NeNe is having trouble with some of her other co-stars as well. Porsha and NeNe have been battling. The two even went so far as to send each other cease-and-desist letters when things got really bad between them last season.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, this season of the show is expected to focus on the drama between Kenya Moore and Porsha, though who knows if her battles with Cynthia will become another plot element at this point.