September 13, 2019
'Teen Mom OG' Star Mackenzie McKee Shares Sweet Snaps Of Son Gannon, Reflects On Baby Who Was 'Half My Size'

Teen Mom OG star Mackenzie McKee has been dealing with some very difficult personal issues in the past few months. However, on Thursday, she decided to focus on the positives. It is the reality television star's oldest son's birthday, and she shared a few photos on Instagram to gush over her boy.

Reality television viewers first met Mackenzie when she appeared on 16 and Pregnant. It was during her time on that show, then unmarried and going by her maiden name of Douthit, that she gave birth to Gannon.

Gannon turned 8-years-old on Thursday and Mackenzie shared a sweet throwback photo to the day her first son was born. The photo she posted on Instagram showed the Teen Mom OG star while she was still in the hospital after giving birth to Gannon.

McKee joked that at the time, she totally thought she knew what she was doing. She also joked that her big baby was already half her size.

Shortly before sharing that newborn picture of her oldest child, the Teen Mom star posted a handful of more current shots of Gannon via her Instagram page. She noted her amazement that he was already turning 8, and she called him a special little dude.

One of the photos showed Gannon with Mackenzie's mom. Of course, Teen Mom fans know that's an especially precious photo for the family right now given her mom's cancer battle.

It looks as if McKee was fairly successful in setting aside her more challenging personal issues for the day so she could focus on Gannon's birthday. As The Inquisitr recently shared, Mackenzie surprised fans a few weeks ago when she suddenly announced via social media that she had separated from her husband Josh.

It's been almost a month since Mackenzie announced her separation, which she explained she felt was necessary due to the stress she was working through. McKee said that her heart broke for her kids, but that the separation was what was best for the family.

McKee isn't the only star from the Teen Mom franchise who has been feeling a bit reflective over family birthdays lately. The Inquisitr detailed that Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska DeBoer just celebrated her oldest child's birthday as her girl Aubree turned 10-years-old a few days ago.

The Teen Mom OG star's posts about Gannon's birthday were well-received by her followers who have been keeping tabs on the family since those early 16 and Pregnant days. Mackenzie McKee's fans will be anxious to see if additional photos showing Gannon celebrating the big day emerge on social media in the days ahead.