Thousands Offer Their Support To A Little Girl, Eva Love, Left In Critical Condition After A Fluke Accident


Eva Love Sherbondy is a 7-year-old girl from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. All who know her describe her as someone who exudes light, laughter, and joy. In August, Eva was riding in a golf cart with some friends when she fell out and hit her head. Despite the fact that she didn’t fall from very far, she hit her head hard enough to require emergency surgery for severe inflammation. Even though Eva’s condition has been described as bleak, her parents have not given up. They hope one day to be able to talk to their little girl again and watch her live life to the fullest as she did before, according to Channel 3000.

Eva’s mother Lindsay is the artist behind a small business titled Lindsay Letters. She often showcases her work on her Instagram page, which has over 280,000 followers. Shortly after her daughter’s accident, Lindsay reached out to her followers, requesting prayers. Within only a couple of days, people around the nation and even around the world were sharing Eva’s story and doing what they could to help the Sherbondy family during this difficult time. Lindsay’s fellow artistic friends began creating merchandise like hair bows, clothing, bracelets and other accessories with Eva’s name on them. The proceeds from these items will be donated to the GoFundMe page that has been created to support the Sherbondys with their medical bills and other needs during this time.

Due to the extent of her head injury, doctors have told Eva’s parents that she will likely remain in a vegetative state or suffer from brain damage forever. Nevertheless, the Sherbondys have clung to hope and faith that their daughter can beat the odds and that she can be healed through the power of prayer.

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I’m typing these words while laying right beside Eva Love in her hospital bed — one of my most favorite things about her not having a breathing tube anymore is the fact that I can snuggle in next to her. And, I get to see her gorgeous face. And, just not having a breathing tube. On Saturday, E opened her eyes wide for the first (and only time since) and it was shocking and beautiful and tender and scary and wonderful and cute and wild. It was like “oh, THERE you are!” She opened them for about a minute, just totally wide-eyed. She’s also started making some adorable growling noises, and while it’s a far cry from her kind of cute/kind of obnoxious crazy laugh, it still feels like her voice and I just want more of it. More eyes open, more noises. More. JESUS, MORE. I want Eva to come back to us like waves breaking on the ocean shore, but for now, it’s little drips. But, they are there. She is there, and God is healing her. Thanks to all that are reminding us of her astounding progress. When you’re in the thick of it, and just want it to be over, it’s hard to remember that. For those of you asking, Eva isn’t awake, but she’s also not asleep, not in a coma. She’s just kind of “powered down” while her brain reboots itself. While God knits her back together, just as perfectly and wonderfully as He did when I was pregnant with her. The doctors don’t know what her life holds after this. But at this point, I’ve stopped petitioning the doctors for answers that know I only God knows. Keep praying, my friends. I covet your prayers for her. I read your words and prayers to her when we run out. Our days lately are consisting of lots of suctioning of Eva’s throat, respiratory therapy, and waiting for God to show us what we know only He can do. Thank you, so much, for holding @dugansherbondy and I along this journey. This display of community and partnership and love is the real Church, and it is beautiful.

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“Despite the earthly, medical, factual, logical perspective, we are just believing there’s a very significant miracle coming,” said Eva’s father, Dugan Sherbondy.

Eva’s name actually means “life,” and her father says she is as full of life as she can be.

“She is always laughing. You could hear her laugh from two football fields away. She just brings life wherever she goes,” he said.

Eva has already made astounding progress and is now able to breathe on her own despite the doctors expectations. She’s also opened her eyes.

As is often the case in regard to head injuries, it takes time for the brain to heal and for doctors to be able to determine what sort of life the patient will have in the future. Often, doctors are surprised. As was the case of the 6-year-old French boy who made headlines after being thrown 10 stories from a balcony, as The Inquisitr reported. The boy is making amazing progress, despite his extensive injuries.