Lindsay Lohan Slammed After Instagram Flirt With Chris & Liam Hemsworth, Fans Embarrassed For Her

Lindsay Lohan appears to have flirted with the famous Hemsworth brothers. The Mean Girls actress made Hollywood Life's headlines today for an Instagram interaction that saw her appear to flirt with Chris and Liam Hemsworth. While the media outlet spun the article as 33-year-old Lindsay flirting with Miley Cyrus' ex Liam, other outlets appear to have reported the story with more clarity. The Metro documented the interaction more accurately, describing Lindsay's words as directed to both men.

The flirting seems to have happened with Lindsay leaving a message to a photo of the two brothers posted to E! News' Instagram account. Liam and Chris appeared outdoors and looking into the camera. A caption from the media outlet seemed out to get fans arguing it out. In short, it was a matter of which sibling was everyone's favorite.

Lindsay replied.

"Why didn't we meet in Sydney or Bondi?" she wrote, adding a prayer-hand emoji.

While Lohan's comment racked up over 2,400 likes, it did generate some backlash, with fans responding to Lohan's somewhat-flirtatious comment.

"Thirsty," one fan wrote.

Another mentioned Marvel Cinematic Universe star Chris' family status.

"He didn't want you to harrass his kids"
"Go away!" another fan wrote.

"Shoo" seemed to echo the sentiment.

Remarks appearing to suggest that Lindsay's words were a bit of a faux pas kept on coming.

"Because they don't want to deal with another neurotic crazy woman duh lol," a user commented.

A fan appearing to respond in Italian seemed to dub Lohan desperate, with the sentiment appearing via other remarks as well.

Neither Liam nor Chris appears to have responded to Lindsay. Random as this interaction may seem, there are some dots to be put together. Lindsay has been spending a significant amount of time in Australia as she judges on the country's version of The Masked Singer. Of course, both Hemsworth brothers are Australian.

Fans are likely eyeing up Liam's activities at the moment. While brother Chris is married to Elsa Pataky and raising a family with his wife, Liam is newly single. August 10 marked the date that the 29-year-old's marriage to singer Miley Cyrus ended, with media outlets overflowing at the seams since. Miley appears to have embarked on a new romance with Kaitlynn Carter, although there's little to suggest that Liam is seeing anyone. Headlines centering around the actor haven't been nonexistent, though. At the end of last month, Liam broke his Instagram silence with a sober message, per The Inquisitr.