September 13, 2019
Blond Bombshell Abby Dowse Spreads Legs In Tight Pink Romper

Blond bombshell Abby Dowse has delighted her followers with an array of outfits and poses this week that range from barely-there bikinis to revealing lingerie. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she sent temperatures soaring when she posed in some high-cut lingerie on Tuesday. On Friday, she took things in a different direction and decided to go for a more sexy, sporty look -- and it did not disappoint.

In the post, Abby was outside standing near a vehicle with the door open. She leaned against the black leather interior with one leg propped up on the foot rail, causing her legs to spread open. She reclined on one arm to showcase even more of her body. It was a pose meant to capture attention.

Even more exciting than her pose was what the beauty was wearing. She opted for a pink romper that was so tight, it should be against the law. The faded pink denim number featured incredibly short shorts that showed plenty of Abby's toned legs. The romper had a zipper up the middle, which the model left unzipped almost to her waist to expose her voluptuous cleavage. The stunner was braless, so there was plenty of cleavage to be seen. The number included a belt, which was cinched around Abby's slender waist.

The bronzed beauty wore a pair of white sneakers and a pink pair of sunglasses to give the look a sporty vibe. Her makeup was natural and she wore a pink color on her lips. She tossed her wavy hair over one shoulder and peered over the top of the sunglasses at something off in the distance.

Fans took notice of Abby's efforts to spice thing up.

"It's been an incredible week, looking even more stunning with every post," one admirer wrote.

Most of the comments focused on how pretty and alluring Abby looked.

"You're more beautiful than Barbie you know," one fan said with a thumbs up emoji.

Other fans told the model they loved the outfit she was wearing.

"Oooo how cute is this," said one follower.

"Love the pink denim," wrote another fan.

It's not unusual for Abby to get attention for what she is wearing. She is well-known for sharing photos that border on being scandalous. One look through her Instagram page shows that the buxom blond is comfortable in her own skin and does not mind showing it off.

Fans who want to see more of Abby can follow her Instagram account.