September 13, 2019
Joy-Anna Duggar Jokes About Giving 1-Year-Old Son Coffee & Fans Are Surprisingly Okay With It

Joy-Anna Duggar has been posting frequently on social media. Most of her photos are that of her adorable son, Gideon. The 1-year-old appears to be a happy little guy, especially when he has some type of food or drink in his hands. However, a recent snap has gotten a little flak from a few fans supposedly thinking that she is pumping her child full of caffeine.

Taking to her and Austin's Instagram account, the young mom shared a series of pictures on Thursday of Gideon holding a cup of some type of iced coffee drink. He is holding the straw up to his mouth, appearing to be taking a sip of it. There isn't much left in the cup. The second photo has him just holding the cup of beverage in front of him with a thoughtful look on his cute face.

In the caption, his mom jokingly wrote that he is having a "little coffee" to help get him through the day. But then she backtracks saying that he has enough energy as it is, so he doesn't really need any of it. She included the hashtag "#nocoffeeforhim" as well.

Most fans thought it was cute and shared that they also have given their kids a small taste of coffee every once in a while. They also waited for the naysayers to come forward to state on how terrible it is to give kids that much caffeine. Surprisingly enough, there were only a couple of people who made negative comments about the post so far. There were plenty of moms who admitted that their kids love coffee or that their own parents let them drink the popular beverage since they were very young and it didn't hurt them any.

In the third photo, Gideon seems to have ditched the cup of iced coffee to play in the grass with his toys. The Duggar grandson is wearing a comfy T-shirt and pants with a pair of cute blue sandals on his small feet. Fans just can't get over how much he looks like his daddy.

Just last month, Joy-Anna shared that she and her family are living in an RV, as previously detailed by The Inquisitr. She said how much she loves living in it, despite it being such a small space for the three of them. Their living arrangements seem to suit her just fine for now.

Joy-Anna Duggar, along with most of her siblings and their families, will be back in October for a new season of TLC's Counting On.