Tuna Recall Expanded, 3 Million Cans Affected In Bumble Bee Warning

tuna recall expanded

A tuna recall has been expanded after the makers of Bumble Bee initially issued a warning early this week due to product integrity concerns sparked by loose seals.

The expanded tuna recall now encompasses 3 million products in the Bumble Bee family of brands. In the initial recall, Bumble Bee Foods SVP of Technical Services and Corporate Quality Assurance Steve Mavity cited “can integrity concerns,” and asserted that Bumble Bee’s “top priority at this time is to remove these recalled products from distribution as soon as possible.”

Mavity ensured that Bumble Bee was “working closely with [their] sales team and with retailers to help expedite the recall.”

Before the tuna recall was expanded, the first notice from Bumble Bee included cans sealed between January 17 and February 28, with a “best by” date of January 16, 2016 through January 18, 2016. Originally included in the recall were Bumble Bee and Brunswick brand five-ounce cans containing chunk white albacore in water, as well as chunk light tuna in water and vegetable oil.

A notice on the Bumble Bee site announces that the tuna recall has been expanded, and confirms “Bumble Bee initially announced the voluntary recall on Wednesday, March 6 after identifying an issue on a manufacturing line, which has been corrected.” The company adds that “products were distributed for retail sale nationwide between January 17, 2013 and March 6, 2013.”

Interestingly, despite the expanded tuna recall, Bumble Bee has not advised consumers to return the product to point of sale for a refund as is usual in such cases — rather, Bumble Bee shoppers are advised simply to discard affected product, a list of which is available on their website:

“Consumers who have purchased the recalled products should discard them by disposing in the garbage. Consumers should also direct any questions on the recall or reimbursement by contacting the 24-hour dedicated recall line at (888) 820-1947.”

The expanded tuna recall comes just months after a fatal accident at a Bumble Bee plant, which led to the death of a worker.