September 13, 2019
Cara Delevingne Says She Hates Wearing Underwear Before Modeling Rihanna's Lingerie

Cara Delevinge may get paid to model underwear, but that doesn't mean that she has to enjoy it. The 27-year-old Carnival Row star has appeared in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, and she walked the runway at the Savage x Fenty lingerie show at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday night. However, according to Cara, she's not the biggest fan of the lacy bits of fabric that her job requires her to wear.

According to People, Cara shared her candid thoughts about undergarments while walking the red carpet at the NYFW show for Rihanna's much-hyped lingerie brand. Before sashaying down the runway at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center, she also described the first pair of underwear that she purchased for herself.

"The first pair of underwear I bought was really cheesy Disney underwear," Delevingne said. "But I don't really like wearing underwear."

Sadly, Cara Delevingne did not reveal which Disney character adorned her underwear, but she does have something in common with a few of them; she played a mermaid in the Pan movie, and she dons wings like Peter Pan's pixie pal Tinkerbell in her Amazon series Carnival Row. The Victoria's Secret angel didn't wear wings for her appearance on the Savage x Fenty Runway, but she did rock an outfit that was Tinkerbell green.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, one of Cara's sexy looks was a sheer green bodysuit with matching thigh-high stockings and gloves. She held a wand-like object in her hand that was topped with a sparkly heart, and she walked past a row of seated models wearing similar green lingerie.

Cara Delevingne poses onstage for Savage X Fenty Show
Getty Images | Dimitrios Kambouris

While Cara Delevingne may be against wearing underwear underneath her pants and skirts, her preference for going commando hasn't stopped her from wearing lingerie as red carpet clothing; she showed up to the Savage x Fenty show rocking a black bra in place of a shirt.

Cara might not like all of the items from the Savage x Fenty line, but she couldn't stop gushing about the brand's creator. She described Rihanna as "lovely and such a good friend," and she said that she's "in awe of her and just so proud." She also recounted her memorable second interaction with the singer. Cara recalled being brought to RiRi by a bodyguard before receiving the ultimate compliment from the musical icon.

"She opened the door and she was like 'You are a rock star,'" Cara said. "I looked behind me and was like 'Wait me? That's weird because you're the one who's the rock star.'"

According to TooFab, Rihanna has been caught going commando, so Cara Delevingne shouldn't feel too bad about knocking knickers right before helping rock star RiRi sell them to the masses.