September 12, 2019
'Playboy' Bombshell Lauren Summer Nearly Spills Out Of Towel In Steamy Selfie

Los Angeles-based model and Playboy bombshell Lauren Summer recently had her 1.2 million Instagram followers drooling with a sexy snap she shared after stepping right out of the shower.

Summer snapped the picture from the bathroom, as the background of the shot showcased. In front of her was a granite sink with a faucet situated toward the bottom of the shot, and a doorway was visible behind her leading into another room with a big window and white curtains. Summer's hair was still soaking wet in the shot, and it was pushed away from her stunning face as the tresses clung together. Her face had very minimal makeup as she rocked a super natural look.

In the snap, Summer wore no clothing at all, and just had a towel pinned in front of her ample curves. In one hand, she held her phone with a baby pink case so she could take a selfie in the bathroom mirror. Her other hand was propped up against her face, cupping her cheek and pinning the other side of the towel to her chest. Despite her attempts to keep everything covered, her cleavage was on full display in the shot, and she looked one accidental slip away from revealing a whole lot to her Instagram followers.

Summer is certainly no stranger to tantalizing her followers with sizzling shots, though. As The Inquisitr reported a few days ago, the babe recently had her followers losing their minds thanks to a snap in which she wore super revealing black lingerie and playfully stuck her tongue out for the camera.

Her followers loved the latest shot, which received over 14,000 likes within just one day, including a like from blond bombshell and fellow Instagram queen Hannah Palmer. In the caption of the post, Summer didn't share anything sexy or scandalous — instead, she asked her followers to tell her their favorite jokes.

Many of them fulfilled her request, filling the comments section with plenty of cheesy jokes. A few still couldn't focus on anything but her beauty, though.

"Will you marry me?" one follower asked.

"Very beautiful and sexy," another fan commented

Another follower flexed his comedic muscles with a joke for Summer.

"Why didn't the two monacles get together?... cause they didn't want to make a spectacle of themselves."

Another fan desperately wanted Summer's towel to drop to the floor, and told her so in the comments section.

"Can you clap your hands on top of your head for me. Just once is enough," they said.