September 12, 2019
Lindsay Lohan Shares Photo Of Her Mom, Dina, In Bikini Top

Lindsay Lohan took to social media on Thursday to share a throwback photo that featured herself and a young version of her lookalike mother, Dina Lohan, who rocked a bikini top in the snap.

In the photo, Lindsay is seen as a little girl in the background with her long, red hair in pigtails. The actress wore a ruffled bikini top and a pair of gray shorts.

Lindsay's mother, Dina, stands to the right of picture and wears a similar outfit, rocking a pair of high-waisted orange shorts, which flaunted her tiny waist, toned abs, and legs. She also donned a pink bikini top. Dina slipped her arms out of the straps of the skimpy top and leaned against a fence in a pair of dark sunglasses as she looked into the camera with her mouth open.

Dina had her long, blond hair parted to the side and styled in straight strands that fell around her shoulders. Lindsay tagged her mother in the photograph, but didn't reveal any reason for posting the throwback image, except to gush over what a great mom she has.

Fans began to comment on the photo, but later Lindsay turned off the comments so that no one could leave any remarks about the picture.

As many fans will remember, there was a time when Lindsay and her family, including Dina, made headlines constantly. However, things have calmed down for them over the years. They now get much less press, and seem fine with it.

However, Lindsay is seemingly starting to wage a mini comeback. Not only is she currently one of the judges for the Australian version of The Masked Singer, but she's also working on some new music.

Last month, The Inquisitr reported that Lohan released a preview of her new song, "Xanax," and her fans went wild calling the tune a "bop," and asking for more.

"I don't like the parties in L.A. I go home in a bad mood, pass out, wake up alone. Just to do it all over again," Lindsay sings in the dance song.

"I can't be in this club. It's too crowded and I'm f***ed. Ain't nobody here for love, ain't nobody care about us. I got social anxiety, but you're like Xanax to me. Social anxiety, when you kiss me I can't breathe," Lohan's lyrics continue.

Lindsay Lohan has previously released two studio albums in the past, Speak, which reached No. 4 on the Billboard charts, and A Little More Personal, which didn't do as well as her debut record.