Ex 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's Daughter Sparks Fear & Pity In Anastasia Beverly Hills Makeup Video

Farrah Abraham's daughter, Sophia, has fans worried. The 10-year-old daughter to the former Teen Mom OG star has her own Instagram account, with fans able to see various aspects of this child's life, from her travels to her style. The latter has definitely been prominent of late, with Sophia walking runways at New York Fashion Week. The recent update of Sophia strutting her stuff on the catwalk in latex pants sparked a fair level of concern, per The Inquisitr, but it looks like the 10-year-old's Instagram followers have a new reason to be worried.

Sophia's video showed her looking excited and upbeat as she showcased herself applying some cosmetics. The only child to Farrah appeared to have been furnished with some quality merch from well-known makeup brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. The video started out with Sophia makeup-free, although colorful shades of purple were quickly applied, with Sophia seen skillfully brushing her eyelids. Sophia announced that the video was a makeup review, with the result proving to be somewhat of a tutorial.

As to how happy fans were to see the video, that appeared to be a different story. Early responses to the update did generate some positive replies – and these haven't disappeared – but praise quickly found itself trumped by the negative remarks appearing to voice a mixture of fear, pity, and horror. One fan's comment appeared to speak for the masses.

"My daughter is 10 and trust me she is not wearing makeup. You need to live as a child and enjoy the things little girls do. Mine is currently into American girl dolls and GOING TO SCHOOL"
"You're 10 not 20," another fan wrote.

Farrah was also mentioned in one of the comments.

"So we are supposed to take makeup tips from a 10-year-old? Please let this child be a child and not a pawn to make Farrah money"
The allegation that Farrah, in some way, uses Sophia to earn cash has frequently been made. Promotional videos on this child's Instagram are frequent, with some fans feeling that this – added to Sophia's many public appearances – makes her life abnormal. Sophia recently attended Beautycon in Los Angeles, California, plus the Venice Film Festival in Italy. She then traveled with her mother to Paris, France, with press photos taken there.Many users commented on today's video and expressed concern. One seemed to fear for Sophia's future, per their comment.
"Why isn't this child in school like all the other kids, her mother needs help and fast she's going to mess up her kid real bad where is CPS"
The slamming did seem to be geared toward Farrah rather than Sophia. This is often the case, with comments posted on Sophia's videos generating immense backlash over the way this child's mother raises her daughter.

On the plus side, more supportive fans loved the colors and how much fun Sophia appeared to be having.