September 12, 2019
Jenelle Evans Said She & David Eason Are 'Doing Really Good' Amid Fan Backlash Over Him Killing Their Dog

Jenelle Evans and David Eason may be doing fine, but their relationship with fans could use some work.

On Wednesday, the former Teen Mom star caught up with Us Weekly at a party during New York Fashion Week. Jenelle opened up about the strain on their relationship after her husband allegedly killed the family dog earlier this summer, which he claimed came after the dog had bit his daughter on the face. The incident led to authorities taking away Jenelle and David's kids and MTV firing Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 and also led to a very rough patch in the relationship, but Jenelle said that all is good again.

The 27-year-old revealed that she and David went to a family counselor and "overcame a lot of obstacles" as they dealt with the situation. She said the two are now "doing really good," which seemed to show in her Instagram stories this week as the two partied together in New York.

In fact, David said their relationship has actually improved amid the very public drama.

"I mean, we've worked on our problems throughout the past few years," he said. "It's really gotten better. No matter what it looks like, it has gotten actually a lot better since the beginning. Just like any newlywed or fresh couple."

While Jenelle has apparently let the incident go, fans have not been so forgiving. Many have lashed out at Jenelle for staying with David and letting him remain around both the kids and their surviving pets. As The Inquisitr reported toward the end of July, many expressed outrage when Jenelle shared a photo of David playing with daughter Ensley and the family's pet chickens. The Instagram picture drew some very passionate reactions from fans, many of whom saw the situation as inappropriate.

"Please god keep him away from animals," one person wrote in the comments section.

"He gonna shoot the chicken if it pecks at her too?" another questioned.

It was never clear whether David Eason actually killed the family's dog. Authorities investigated the claim that the dog was killed, but said they were never able to find evidence that it took place. Police officials then claimed that Jenelle admitted she never saw the dog's killing, leading to allegations that she was making it up for publicity. If that's true, then it would seem to be a misguided strategy for Jenelle as it led to MTV firing her from the Teen Mom series and cutting off what was likely her main source of revenue.