Janet Jackson Looks Unrecognizable With Medical Wrist Support In British Paparazzi Photos

Janet Jackson may have shocked her fans a little after a recent snap surfaced of the pop star. The singer and sister to deceased pop icon Michael Jackson has had a full year and appeared fully polished earlier this year at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2019 event. While this star is no stranger to changing her appearance, her latest street photos seemed to show her looking markedly different. The 53-year-old was photographed by The Daily Mail earlier today, with the newspaper reporting the singer to be in London, U.K.

Janet's photos likely had her fans talking for several reasons. The most visible and unusual element to the images came in the form of a wrist brace on her arm. While the newspaper couldn't confirm why the singer was wearing a wrist support, it did provide close-up images suggesting that the star had possibly injured her hand. Fortunately, it looked like Janet was able to move around just fine, although the support did seem to be a necessary.

The star appeared with long and attractively curled red hair worn under a hat, with shades covering her eyes. As to the wardrobe, Janet opted for a black sweatshirt and matching pants, with a jacket worn over her arm. A pair of sneakers completed the look, but it wasn't one that Janet usually sports.

Janet has, of course, shocked the world before. The star became pregnant late in life, welcoming her son at the age of 50-years-old. Motherhood seems to have brought out a new Janet, though, per her recent interview with Star Tribune.

"It's definitely changed me for the better. Everyone always said how patient a person I was. But I found a whole new world within myself when it comes to patience and having someone that relies on me to care for. It's the first thing on my mind and the last thing on my mind," she told the media outlet.

"He hasn't figured it out yet. He's not wanting to get up. He says, 'I want to stay in bed, Mama,'" the star added about her now 2-year-old son, Eissa.When it comes to major middle-aged music stars, Janet fits the bill, although her effect on the industry hasn't died down with age. As The Inquisitr recently reported, Janet has become one of the biggest Las Vegas performers of the decade, selling over 4,000 tickets per night.

Fans are likely wishing Janet all the best over the mysterious hand injury.