Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dustin Flirts With Lulu, And Brad Pressures Julian As Obrecht Gloats

Mark Lawson portrays Dustin on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / ABC

General Hospital spoilers tease that Friday’s episode will contain some bright spots in the midst of all the ongoing drama. Viewers have been watching things heat up with Peter, the Cassadines, and Franco, but the September 13 show will also bring some light-hearted interactions involving Dustin and Lulu.

Earlier this week, Dustin happened to end up at Charlie’s as Lulu was throwing a family birthday bash for Rocco. Olivia was none too happy to see the sparks flying between her former daughter-in-law and the Port Charles teacher, but fans seem to be loving this pairing.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show teases that Lulu and Dustin will spend time together again. As has been typical in their previous interactions, General Hospital spoilers suggest that he’ll do some casual, easygoing flirting with her as she works toward dipping her toe back into the idea of pursuing a romance.

It appears that the writers are going to continue to move forward with this romance rather slowly. However, as The Inquisitr previously noted, General Hospital fans seem rather eager to see Lulu and Dustin give this a shot.

On the dramatic side, General Hospital spoilers reveal that there’s more with the Brad drama coming on Friday too. He admitted the full truth about “Wiley” to Julian earlier this week, and it briefly appeared that Julian might follow through with eliminating Obrecht as a threat.

General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Friday’s show that Obrecht will be happy and seemingly taunting someone once again, but she may not want to get too ahead of herself. SheKnows Soaps notes that Brad will approach Julian to ask if he’s made a decision about helping his son-in-law, and Brad’s ready to see her gone, no matter what it takes to make it happen.

Julian may continue to hesitate and avoid committing to Brad’s morose request, but General Hospital spoilers tease that next week he’ll make a big and bold decision of some nature. Obrecht isn’t going away yet, but she is certainly stirring things up throughout Port Charles and she may want to watch her back.

Friday’s show also has good stuff with Laura and Curtis as they search for the Cassadine codicil, and Peter will approach Valentin to discuss something. Talk show personality Tamron Hall will be popping up for a guest spot during this next show too. General Hospital spoilers tease that the September 13 episode should set the stage for some crazy chaos coming during the week of September 16, and fans are anxious to learn more.