September 12, 2019
Britney Spears Parades Orange Bodycon Dress In Bizarre Hallway Video, Fans Fear Psychological Instability

Britney Spears has her fans worried. The "Toxic" singer has been making headlines for enjoying a Hawaiian beach break this week, with bikini snaps of the 37-year-old frolicking on shores making The Inquisitr's headlines just yesterday. Britney was looking fit and fabulous in her yellow two-piece, although her latest social media activity did not feature any swimwear. Instead, fans checking the star's Instagram today received a somewhat bizarre video of Britney appearing sped up as she walked through a hallway with a Madonna track playing in the background.

Britney's video appeared to have recreated the black-haired and hatted look donned for her Blackout album. The star appeared a little tired-eyed as she sashayed up and down the hallway, although fans might well argue that her heavy eye makeup was to blame for this. Outfit-wise, fans saw Britney rocking a skintight, orange bodycon dress, with the video also showing the singer wearing a white, strapless dress. Both looks featured the wide-brimmed hat and same movement.

A caption from the star confirmed that she was on holiday, with a long string of emoji including hats, a bikini, and a heart-eye emoji.

The early responses to Britney's posts always form the same pattern -- fans gush over their favorite singer and leave the now-commonplace "invented" comments jokingly used to place the star as the founder of everything she does.

Today's video definitely launched the early outpourings of love that are standard for a Britney post, but they equally showcased two opinions. An overwhelming number of fans spotted the similarities between today's black hair and the Blackout album, but concerns over the star's mental health proved to be prominent amid the influx of gushing remarks. In fact, they racked up likes fairly quickly.

"Those videos are getting scarier..." read a comment gaining over 200 likes in just 30 minutes.

"She lost it again tbh," another user wrote.

Of course, concerns over Britney's psychological state were peppered amid remarks that didn't approach the subject, but the fan panic was sprinkled throughout the comments section within just 40 minutes of the video going live.

"I hope you're ok cause I have flashbacks from Blackout era, honestly I don't like this change," one user wrote.

"Like what is wrong with her someone take control," another added.

"Someone take her password away this is getting out of hand," read another comment.

Britney suffers from bipolar disorder. The singer was hospitalized earlier this year but has since been released, with many fans thinking she's doing great. Nonetheless, it did bode as unusual for this many remarks centering around mental health fears to manifest so quickly.

"Bipolar rocks!" one fan exclaimed.

Britney seems happy and healthy overall, but her social media updates are frequently a source of worry for her fans.