Looks Like The Nexus One Is A Complete Balls Up: Are We Really Surprised?

As we reported yesterday, Google is undergoing a baptism by fire since launching the Nexus One, with crappy customer support, faulty phones, and very unhappy customers.

Dare I say we saw this happening? January 5 ::…this is a ho hum announcement from Google for a product that could easily become Google’s first major failure of the new decade. They say that Google is becoming more Microsoft like, and the Nexus One proves it.”

24 hours after the news of the problems broke online, things aren’t getting better for Google. The faults keep getting longer, although given this is a phone made by HTC, are they really that surprising? At a quick glance, fault reports currently include spotty or no 3G in areas with ample 3G coverage, faulty screens (visually), touch screen issues, overheating, faulty microphones, bluetooth connection issues, OS issues, software issues, and more.

But that’s not the end of it, because there are also reports of issues with the ordering site for the phone, multiple complaints of being unable to obtain customer service, and a report that developers still don’t have an SDK for the version of Android shipped with the phone, so potentially apps won’t work with the Nexus One as well.

Actually, I’m being unkind…. to Microsoft; not even Microsoft could deliver such a massive balls up in 2010 as Google has with the Nexus One (sure, they have in the past, but they’ve mostly learned from their mistakes.)

The big question now is just how bad is the phone, and could there be a Nexus One recall coming? Sure, no phone ever ships without the occasional fault in the odd unit, but this would appear to be far more than the odd broken phone.