September 12, 2019
Vanessa Hudgens' Crop Top & Belly Piercing Video Racks Up 900,000 Likes Overnight

Traffic on Vanessa Hudgens' Instagram appears to have exploded. The High School Musical alum is known for raking the engagement – her 35.4 million Instagram followers form an army. Unsurprisingly, it looks like the star's most recent video has racked up some particularly insane likes. Vanessa took to the platform late last night for a little video action, with fans appearing to lose their minds over the footage.

Vanessa's video showed her shot outdoors and making her way through what appeared to be a set. Parked trailers formed somewhat of a maze as the star walked around and showcased a simple, but ultimately very sexy look. Vanessa appeared dressed in black from head to toe. The 30-year-old had delivered somewhat of a makeshift runway moment, with the footage seeing the star sashaying around and flaunting her fit physique in a cute outfit. Vanessa appeared in a tight black crop top paired with trendy and velour-like pants boasting string details at the waist. Of course, the actress's bellybutton piercing was on show. In fact, the video itself made The Daily Mail's headlines. The newspaper appeared to place the star's navel piercing in its headline.

Vanessa appeared beautifully made up in her video, with her long dark tresses affording a glam feel. A fun caption from the star suggested that she hadn't noticed the camera, although the words seemed tongue-in-cheek.

The video clocked over 900,000 likes overnight, and with this amount of engagement, it's fair to say that Vanessa nailed her update. It also appeared that the brunette had delivered some still versions of the moment, with these also proving popular. The still snap of Vanessa rocking her crop top racked up 2 million likes.

Vanessa seems to be adored for just about everything, with her fame on television just being one part of her appeal. The star's fit physique is a major talking point for her fans – handy that Vanessa has spoken out about fitness. Vanessa told The Cut how she stays looking so great.

"For me, eating clean always changes. I went and saw a nutritionist and I found the best way of eating for me is a high-fat, high-protein, high-green salad. No carbs, no dairy, and no sugar. In the beginning it was really rough because not having any sort of grains is tough, but as I continued to stick with it I found my energy levels flew through the roof. I had no dips of energy in the day. I felt super focused, super clear. It felt really good, especially in my line of work where you're doing such long days, I need my energy."
As The Inquisitr reports, Vanessa has racked up some pretty insane likes before, with a video that clocked over 500,000 likes within one hour.