Julia Rose Eats Spaghetti While Fully Naked In Foamy Bathtub Video, Exposing Just About Everything

Julia Rose takes a selfie
Julia Rose / Instagram

Julia Rose has bared all. The model and social media sensation has somewhat of a reputation for ditching her clothing, although she’s equally loved for including food in her updates. As The Inquisitr reported earlier this year, the model once updated her Instagram from a grocery store’s cereal aisle. Today brought no breakfast foods, but it definitely delivered the blonde’s fierce appetite.

Julia’s Instagram video today came straight from a foamy bathtub. While social media faces will frequently use bath foam to cover their modesty – bubbles can come in handy – Julia was channeling the brazen attitude that she’s so adored for. The model was seen kneeling in the tub fully nude as she held a huge plate of spaghetti in her left hand; she was using her right one to feed herself with strands of the pasta. The star was filmed with her head leaning back as she slurped the tasty dish, with a smile and what appeared to be laughter suggesting that she was absolutely loving it.

Of course, this foodie moment likely got fans in a tizzy over the amount of skin on show. Julia didn’t hold back with the cleavage, with the plate placed in front of her not quite hiding her chest. Fans saw Julia’s sizzling assets, with a pretty risky situation also going on down below.

Julia posted a fun caption; the model pretty much described what her perfect “date” situation would consist of.

Eating while in a bathtub is not new for this model. A video posted back in January featured Julia once again fully nude and in a tub, this time, though, Julia had opted for pizza. Given that the video currently sits at over 2.8 million views, it’s fair to say that Instagram is a fan of Julia feeding herself in the bath. Julia has also delivered a killer update that saw her chow down on a larger-than-life pizza delivery with an enormous glass of wine.


When it comes to celebrities and food, Instagram seems to be in love. Ariana Grande has filmed herself crunching vegetables. Kourtney Kardashian and sister Kendall Jenner recently posted a social media update showing them poolside and slurping spaghetti. Whether it’s famous faces eating fast-food or lesser-known models sharing their plates, it’s safe to say that social media engagement will prove higher when nibbles are involved.

Of course, if the clothing is minimal or non-existent, that engagement will go through the roof.

Julia has 2.4 million Instagram followers.