September 12, 2019
Swedish Bombshell Anna Nystrom Teases Fans With Sultry Selfie Showing Lacy Bra And Skintight Short Skirt

Swedish blonde bombshell Anna Nystrom keeps Instagram buzzing over her eye-popping curves and she did it again by posting a new selfie on Thursday. Even when she takes the shot herself, rather than posts something professionally photographed, she looks unbelievable with her jaw-dropping physique.

In this new Instagram snap, Anna kept the setting quite basic. She was seemingly standing in a plain room in her home and those who follow her know that she often chooses backgrounds that allow the focus to remain on her bodacious body. There was nothing but a white wall and white curtain behind her so all eyes were on the stunning fitness model's hourglass figure.

Anna had her long, blonde hair swept over one shoulder and she wore a roomy, sheer white knit top that hung off of one shoulder. That top apparently gave Anna the perfect opportunity to flaunt a hint of her white lacy bra. The strap over her shoulder could be seen, as could the salacious curve of her breast through the sheer top layer of her ensemble.

Anna paired the white shirt and bra with a miniskirt that seemed to be practically painted onto the model. The incredibly short skirt showcased Anna's athletic legs and gave her followers a hint of her pert derriere. The Swedish stunner completed the look with a heavy makeup palette that made her dark eyes pop along with a delicate gold chain hanging around her neck.

More than 8 million people follow along with Anna's regular Instagram posts and this is just the type of look they expect from the gorgeous influencer. Anna's fans went wild over this latest selfie, immediately flocking to the photo and adding likes at about 1,000 per minute throughout the first hour it was live on her page.

Anna seemingly didn't feel that this sexy selfie needed any explanation, as she only included a heart emoji in the caption. Hundreds of her fans added comments of their own, and it seems that many were short on words but long on appreciation for how remarkable Anna appeared in this curve-hugging ensemble.

As The Inquisitr recently shared, Anna is a fitness model as well as a licensed personal trainer. As a result, the 27-year-old starlet is no stranger to making her followers drool.

Anna always looks stunning no matter what she wears and she often shares pictures or videos that give her followers an insider's look at how hard she works to achieve this figure. The Swedish bombshell's posts always manage to get heart rates rising and this new selfie is clearly no exception.