September 12, 2019
Blonde Bombshell Abby Dowse Spills Out Of Black Glitter String Bikini: 'Hi'

Abby Dowse has sent fans a particularly cheeky update. The Australian model and social media sensation mostly pulls in traffic via her permanent Instagram posts, although the blonde's followers likely pay attention to her stories as well. This week has seen Abby mostly rocking lingerie, although the star did switch back to her trademark swimsuit mode earlier today with a brightly colored one-piece, per The Inquisitr.

Shortly after posting her hot swimsuit look, Abby took to her Instagram stories. The photo showed Abby in selfie mode – while the handheld smartphone pose is somewhat of a signature one for Abby, images posted to the model's feed tend to see her captured full-frontal and either sitting or standing. Today's story switched things up, though. Abby was seen lying down on a tiled surface in full sunlight, in what appeared to be a bit of a sunbathing situation. The model didn't show her face, but she definitely sent her fans a reminder of her bikini-ready body.

The image saw Dowse spilling out of a sensational, black glitter bikini, with the camera being held from above displaying the model's killer body to best advantage. Abby's eye-popping cleavage made an appearance, although fans also saw the model's slim and shapely waist, plus her super-pert behind. With this bikini having a string design around the briefs, fans were likely eyeing the snap with plenty of attention.

The model appeared clad in socks and sneakers to pair with her swimwear, with a simple phrase greeting her fans.

"Hi," appeared in the image.

Abby seems to have a way of keeping her fans gripped. The star's itsy-bitsy swimwear or lingerie looks may not differ much from other competing faces on Instagram, but something about this bombshell brings a unique edge. Abby is renowned for her Barbie-like proportions, with her ultra-long legs, tiny waist, and blue-eyed beauty frequently drawing praise.As to sharing her personal life, Abby seems to err on the side of caution. While fellow Australian model Tarsha Whitmore lets Instagram in on her life with her boyfriend, Abby appears to opt out of letting her fans know what's going on. The model invariably appears alone in her updates, although that seems to sit just fine with her followers.Abby has rocked a fair amount of black this summer. Sizzling looks featuring the dark color have mostly taken the form of sexy underwear or bikinis, although the black glitter bikini look had yet to be seen. Fans are likely hoping that the story from today turns into a permanent Instagram post.