American ‘Playboy’ Model Rachel Cook Admits She’s ‘Over It’ In Sultry New Selfie

Rochelle BrodyGetty Images for L.A. Hearts/PacSun

Fans of Playboy model Rachel Cook have noticed that she hasn’t been posting on her Instagram page as much lately as is typical for the brunette bombshell. On Thursday, she shared a gorgeous selfie and explained her recent absence.

Cook opened up to her 2.5 million Instagram followers and shared that things have been quite crazy in her life lately as she settles into her new place in Los Angeles. Cook admitted that part of her absence from the popular social media site has been due to a struggle on her part in deciding what to post.

Most of Cook’s Instagram posts show off her amazing physique and her fans go crazy over every one look. Now, it sounds as if Cook has been feeling a bit of pressure to keep up with that trend and she needed to step back and take a break.

The selfie that Cook shared in this latest Instagram post was definitely more low-key than what she often shares. She seemed to be relaxing in bed while wearing a gray tank top. She kept the shot cropped pretty tightly to show off just her face and shoulders, so this definitely didn’t give her followers the chance to drool over her jaw-dropping figure, as is usually the case.

Her blue eyes popped off the page and she had her long, brunette locks swept casually over one shoulder. She went with a simple eye shadow look that accentuated her gorgeous eyes, but she looked relatively makeup-free otherwise.

Cook’s lengthy caption teased that she has been working on a lot of great stuff that she’s anxious to tell them about soon.

“What’s up IG?! I haven’t been posting cuz I’ve been super busy getting settled in LA and I have been super picky for some reason about what to post, like it has to be something crazy, and I’m just over that. I’m just gonna post what I want and hopefully y’all are cool with it! Workin hard on some cool new sh*t that I’m excited to share with yoooou! Let’s talk in the comments. Tell me, what are you passionate about?!!!”

Even though this new selfie wasn’t anything particularly racy, Cook’s fans loved it. In less than an hour, more than 30,000 of her followers liked the post. The Playboy bombshell has created a style all her own that allows her to get pulses racing across Instagram over even the simplest looks or outfits, and this latest photo is a great example of that.

The Inquisitr recently detailed that Rachel has moved to Los Angeles, for now, to work on a magazine start-up she’s heading. She spent the summer traveling the country, living in her van “Ed” with her boyfriend, Tyler, but now she needs to settle down in L.A. to focus on this new publication.

Cook’s fans are happy to see her back on Instagram and hope that she’ll soon get back to posting frequently. Based on the reaction to this selfie, the Playboy bombshell definitely should go easy on herself in terms of trying to always outdo whatever she posted last. Luckily, it seems that her 2.5 million followers love what she shares no matter how simple it is and that should relieve a bit of the stress she’s seemingly been feeling in recent days.